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Biomass Energy! Lucy Geronime! Pd. 3!

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Lucy Geronime

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Biomass Energy! Lucy Geronime! Pd. 3!

ADVANTAGES: Definition: 1) Biomass can produce a lot of pollution, about 85% as much as fossil fuels. Process In a traditional biomass process, biomass is burned in a boiler to produce steam, which then turns a turbine. The turbine turns a generator, which then generates electric energy. http://www.ottusa.com/synthetic_fuel/synthetic_fuel.htm 1)Biomass is a renewable resource. Biomass Energy! by Lucy Geronime
and Dominic Panzino Biomass is Biomass is "biological material derived from living or recently living organisms." 2)Less waste goes to landfills because of biomass. 3) The ashes of biomass can be used as fertilizer for plants. 5)There is less CH4 (methane) released into the atmosphere when biomass is burned compared to when it is left to rot. 4)There is no new CO2 in the atmosphere when biomass is burned because the carbon was already in the biomass. DISADVANTAGES: 2) Biomass is very expensive! 3) The use of wood as biomass (wood is the most popular biomass) can result in deforestation. 4) Biomass power plants can only make a small amount of power (The largest biomass plant in North America is only 140MW). 5) Biomass is a very bulky material, resulting in its impracticality due to the transport of fuel. Works Cited http://www.how-to-draw-cartoons-online.com/cartoon-clouds.html The Biomass Energy Centre Issues and Physical Science (Cloud) http://www.ottusa.com/synthetic_fuel/synthetic_fuel.htm (Diagram) Look at that! You have energy! http:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=44l0aNhx0EI (Video) (Lightbulb) http://mengaonline.blogspot.com/2012/11/light-bulb.html#.UXnbtEPD_mI
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