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Asad Baig

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Geothermal

Geothermal Energy What is Geothermal energy and where does it come from ? Geothermal comes from the Greek word geo, meaning earth, and thermos, meaning heat Source of energy involving the use of the Earth’s heat
This heat can be taken from hot rock, hot water, or even magma from deep below the Earth’s surface
Is a clean and sustainable source of energy
Is continuously growing into a smart alternative to current non-renewable forms of energy, like fossil fuels Time Line
Early History: The Ancient Romans used geothermal heating to heat their water in their bathhouses for centuries. In Iceland and in New Zealand many people used geothermal heating to cook their food. 1860: Energy that came from hot springs began to be used for homes and bath houses in the United States of America. Prehistory: The use of geothermal energy can be traced all the way back to the time of the cave men. People first stated using geothermal energy when they gathered at hot springs to take pleasure in warmth from the earth. 1886: Hotsprings were piped to hotels and spas In diffrent parts of Alberta. 1904: Italian scientists Priro Ginori conti invented the first grothermal electric power placnt 1946: First ground source geothermal heat pump installed at common wealth building in portland, Oregon. 1975: Drilling begins to assess hight tempreture geothermal resources for electricity generation in British columbia . 2004: Western geopower corp. applies for government approvals to build a $340 million How Is It Harnessed? First, holes are drilled in the ground, through which production well tubes are placed
The steam from usually hot rock or water makes its way up from the tubes into a well
The purified steam enters a turbine (which activates electric generators)
Finally, electricity is produced How is the Extracted Heat Used? Used to extract heat from the Earth’s surface
Consist of the ground heat exchanger, the heat pump unit, and the air delivery system
Heat can be used to heat buildings in the winter, and cool them in the summer
What is it? geothermal power is constant, unlike solar or wind power which depend on the weather. geothermal energy can be directly transfered from the ground as heat, of it canproduce electricty by heating up water which would push turbines, there fore creating electricity
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