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History of Canada Prezi

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Sean Simpson

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of History of Canada Prezi

July 1, 1867

Canada was still subject to British rule
Canada had their own central government
Now they could solve their own problems
British/North American Act
fur traders
were joined by
French farmers, merchants, and missionaries
from the Catholic Church

Brought with them French language, religion (Catholicism), laws, and traditions!
France wouldn't let anyone move to New France who was not Catholic
New France (Quebec)
Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River in 1534,
kidnapping natives and hunting massive amounts of wildlife, and
claimed the land for France
French colonists named the area New France
New France

Canada: Yesterday and Today

Pick 1 event in this presentation that you feel is VERY IMPORTANT and create a historical marker ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF YOUR INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK using the template linked below.

Canadian Historical Marker
Canadians wanted:
1. More control over government

2. All Provinces to unite

Great Britain didn’t want another American Revolution on their hands!

Solution without going to war?
Grant Canada independence but create a constitutional monarchy

This led to the creation of the ....
Road to Canadian Independence
British allowed French to stay in Quebec
, but continued to control the region

Quebec Act in 1774 gave the French the right to maintain their culture (language, religion, traditions)

Cultural differences
between the English speakers & French speakers
sparked many conflicts
Quebec Act--1774
Gave the British
control of all lands
In Canada, except
for 2 islands off of
Treaty of Paris (1763)
Great Britain and Indian allies versus France and their Indian allies

Great Britain fought for control of Canadian territory & the fur trade

Great Britain won and forced France to sign the Treaty of Paris in 1763
French and Indian War (1754)
British colonized region south of New France
Saw New France’s success in fur trapping &
British wanted to take control of the fur trade

Brought English language, religion (Protestantism), traditions and laws to Canada

Led to the French and Indian War in 1754…
The British in Canada…

the first permanent French settlement was built in Quebec

Population grew slowly

Many people moved inland to trap animals—
hats made of beaver fur were in high demand in Europe
New France (Quebec)
English explorer
John Cabot
, sailed to Canada’s east coast in

Cabot claimed an area of land for England
& named it Newfoundland (even though it had been found by the Inuit over 700 years before that)
England in Canada
one of the first tribes of people
in Canada.

They still live in Canada today throughout much of the Canadian Arctic and subarctic

In the U.S. we commonly refer to these people as Eskimos however, this is now viewed as a pejorative (offensive) so Inuit is the preferred title.
Native people
of Canada
came from Asia
12,000 years ago
Crossed Bering Land Bridge that joined Russia to Alaska (now under water)
The First Native People
People moved west to the plains region and established successful farms

1886 – Transcontinental Railroad

1896 – Found gold and minerals in Yukon Territory

Canada was on its way to wealth and importance!
Canada…A New Nation
French Canadians and British Canadians hated British rule

They felt that Great Britain was too far away to understand their needs.

So…1837 – Louis Papineau organized a revolt to establish Quebec as a separate country

Result of revolt: British easily defeated Papineau
After War of 1812…
War of 1812 – British fought against the US who they believed tried to invade Canada

Naval battles in the Great Lakes and a US attack on York (present-day Toronto)

The US fails
War of 1812
1776 - Americans gained independence from Great Britain
This initiated a huge cultural change in Canada

Americans loyal to Great Britain left America and moved to Quebec
These people were called “Loyalists” because they were loyal to Great Britain
Result -
Quebec settled by English AND French
American Revolution
1000 AD, first explorers to settle Canada were the Vikings
The Norse deserted the settlement for unknown reasons

Europeans did not return to Canada until almost 500 years later…
The First Europeans in Canada
SS6H4 The student will describe the impact of European contact on Canada.
a. Describe the influence of the French and the English on the language and religion of Canada.
b. Explain how Canada became an independent nation.
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