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Places I Enjoy To Visit

By Emily Weathers

Emily Weathers

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Places I Enjoy To Visit

Places I Enjoy To Visit Colorado Springs, Colorado Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina I have flown out to Colorado Springs several times over the last two years to visit my boyfriend who currently attends the United States Air Force Academy. The Air Force Base and the academy’s campus are both breathtakingly beautiful, along with; one of the most uniquely built Cadet Chapel’s that I have ever seen. On my last trip out C. Springs, I was able to drive through the enormous rock formations found inside what is called the Garden of the Gods. I was, also, able to travel by car through the Pike National Forest to the Summit of Pikes Peak reaching 14,110 feet above sea level. I am looking forward to my next trip out West again this coming August. I have recently visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over spring break 2010. I have family on my mother’s side who have recently moved and are now living in Horry County. Their move has allowed our family to enjoy all the amazing aspects Myrtle Beach has to offer. Broad Way on the Beach and the beach itself remain two of our favorite family places to visit but with my cousin now teaching in an Elementary School, I was able see more of the area over this past trip. I spent a day in her second grade classroom as a teacher’s assistant and was able to surprise both of my second cousins as I picked them up from their new schools for the first time. Charleston, South Carolina is about 45 minutes from my home town of Summerville, South Carolina. I’ve grew up traveling to Charleston whether to shop on King Street or to eat at one of the many fine Southern restaurants. I met my boyfriend at the historic Water Front Park in Charleston and have spent several days walking through the Market Street of Charleston. King Street contains some of the best shopping that can be found along the coast of the Carolina. I have always pleasantly enjoyed each trip to Charleston and tend to experience a new aspect the area has to offer during each visit.
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