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Wolf spider life cycle

No description

Jamie Cooper

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Wolf spider life cycle

The Wolf spider life cycle
Egg stage
The egg stage is the first stage. The egg sac is carried by the female. The egg sac will most likely be in some kind of garden or a sand box.
Spiderling stage
The spiderling is the second stage.It eats a lot of insects and some spiders. It becomes an adult in two weeks. It is 1 half of an inch as a spiderling.And the spiderling is still on the back of the female until 3 weeks.
Adult stage
The adult lives for 1 to several years. It grows up to 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.Last, it eats a lot of insects.
Extra Facts
The Wolf Spider needs plants to be in the habitat. They also need insects which are caterpillars, crickets,grasshoppers,slugs,flies,earwigs,beetles , and other spiders.It lives for one to several years. All stages of the life cycle are in the butterfly garden.
More facts
The wolf spider can be found in more than just a few places. The wolf spider can be found on the hillside in the habitat, and anywhere in the habitat and more. The wolf spider is not venomous.
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