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Parts of a flower

By: Paula, Rubén, Èric, Maya and Laura

Rubén Juánez

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Parts of a flower

Parts of a flower
The flower
The flower attract the pollinators and make seeds that will someday grow into a new plant.
The flower is the reproductive organ of the plant. The flower is divided into the male part and the famale part.
The leaves
Parts of a flower
Male part
Female part
The roots hold up the plant and suck up nutrients and water from the soil. And even store food for the future.
The male
part is called stamen.
Is divided into the anther and the filament.
The famale
part is called carpel or pistil.
Is divided into the stigma, the style, the ovary and the ovules.
The male part: stamen
The female part: the carpel or pistil
The carpel or pistil is divided into this parts:
The stigma is sticky to catch the pollen
The style hold up the stigma and transports the pollen to the ovary.
The ovary cantains the ovules.
The ovules are the famale reproductive cell.
The stamen is divided into this parts:
The anther contains the pollen, the pollen is the male reproductive cell.
The filament hold up the anther with the pollen.
By: Paula, Ruben, Eric, Maya and Laura.
Plant reproduction
Sexual plant reproduction in a flowering plant has 4 many stages:
This is when the seed, having rearched the ground, starts to grow into a new plant.
*Parts of a Flower
The male part and the female part
*Parts of a Plant
The flower, the fruit and seed, the stem and the roots
*Plant reproduction
pollination, seed dispersa, fertilization and germination.
The stem
The stem suports the plant and carries water, nutrients and plants chemicals up and down to all parts of the plant.
The stem
this is when pollen lands to new flower.
this is when the pollen and seed meet.
·Seed dispersal:
this is when the seed is separed around, away from the plant that made it.
The roots
The fruits and the seeds
Seed dispersal
The stem
The fruits protects the developing seeds.
When the petals falls down the ovary transforms into the fruit.
The seeds are little cases with a baby plant inside.
Leaves are food factories. Leaves catch energy from sunlight and use it to turn the air and the water into food.
The parts of a plant
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