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I am Number Four Prezi

No description

Christopher Y

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of I am Number Four Prezi

Where Are They Now? Characters Plot Challenging Words and
Descriptive language Go To The I am Number Four
Fan Page http://iamnumberfourfans.com/ Thoughts on the book John has moved around the US many times during the book. His mysterious scar appeared for the first time while he was hiding in Arizona. It woke John from his sleep and same with Henri. That was the warning system to show that One had died. After people noticed something was wrong with John and Henri, they moved to the Colorado. During a spelling bee another scar appeared. The third time a scar appeared John was at a friend's party in Florida. The water started boiling around him and he knew he had to leave. Soon after that happened they were once again moving. John and Henri decide on the small town of Paradise, Ohio. They found a small house in Paradise and stay there. The story takes place while John is in 7th grade. John AKA Number 4: John is one of the 9 Garde
that came to earth when the Mogadorians attacked. He is fearless, energetic and he never gives up in a fight.
Number 6: She Also was a Garde that came to Earth. She likes to help strangers and is very kind.
Henri: Henri is John's Cepan. That means he is John's Guardian. Henri is very strict and serious, but he can still have fun.
Sam: Sam is a human and John's best friend. Sam has been there for John and that shows that he is loyal and trustworthy.
Sarah: Sarah is John's girlfriend. She
is always kind, friendly
and caring. The story I am reading ( I am Number Four ) is
about a boy named John and his Guardian Henri.
This duo is not your ordinary father son team, they
are aliens. Both of them are from the planet Lorien.
They came to Earth after the Mogadorians sucked away Lorien's life and now the Mogadorians are
after them. The have been on the run for a while
now and Henri feels them catching up. After years
of waiting the Mogadorians have come for one reason and one reason only, to kill. The big battle happens, many Mogadorians are injured or killed. Bernie Kosar, John's dog, was almost ripped to shreds and everybody else was wounded but the Loric still won the battle. Henri died and the whole
group set off for Tennessee. For this frame I will start off by sharing some great descriptive language. “When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.” Challenging words included deafening, unbeknownst and reluctantly. The definition for deafening is very loud. The definition for unbeknownst is happening or existing without the knowledge of someone specified. Lastly, the definition for reluctantly is feeling or showing aversion, hesitation, or unwillingness. I thought that "I am Number Four" was one
of the best books that I have ever read. It had
action, suspense and a great plot. I really enjoyed this book because it was both funny and serious
at the same time. I would recommend this book to
anyone that read either the Hunger Games or the
Maze Runner. I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did! This is John discovering the first of
his legacies, the power to be
resistant to fire. The battle on the football field was the climax of the story. There Sarah, Mark, Sam, Henri, Bernie and John won the battle against the Mogadorians. It was a gruesome fight, full of violence and victory. In the final moments of it Henri was stabbed by a demon sword and was killed. Though it was
a happy day because the battle was won their happiness was vanquished by the thought of never seeing Henri again. Upon arrival John and Henri purchase the house in Paradise that they would live in for the whole book It is a small house, but it will work for them. When entering Bernie Kosar welcomes them by jumping on John. Moving In Climax Battle Fleeing The next job was to leave the
scene because the school was in
ruins. The group ran through the woods hoping that the incoming police would loose track of them.
That plan worked at first, but soon became ineffective. Arrest warrants were posted and soon everybody was after them. The First Day of School On John's first day of school he was shown the he was not welcomed by most. That didn't stop John from trying to make friends. The daughter, Sarah, of the realtor that sold Henri the house came up to John and they soon became friends. Same with Sam. He was also one of the people that was welcoming of John. This is the Battle. My drawing shows
both wounded and dead Mogadorians.
It also shows the group fleeing the
scene and the storm 6 created. I am Number Four Written by Pittacus Lore Prezi By Christopher Yarish John's Conflicts While reading "I am Number Four" John had multiple conflicts. Some of them were trying to get information out of the publisher of a magazine Sam read entitled They Walk Among Us. More included fighting the Mogadorians, saving Sarah from Mark's burning house and keeping out of the Mogadorians reach. John's Resolutions John solved all of his many conflicts by keeping track of his legacies and surroundings. He tied up the people at They Walk Among us and won the battle against the Mogadorians. I am sure that John felt successful when he saved both of Mark's dogs and Sarah using his first legacy,Lumen. Hiding was also key in keeping his trail cold. Trapped John discovered his Lumen in a bad situation. He had just finished school and a indescribable glow appeared in his hands. John rushed into the photography room and locked the doors. Luckily he had his phone in his pocket because he needed to call Henri. He showed up and pulled John from school. Henri was so delighted that John's first legacy had developed that he just had to try it out.
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