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ADPIE Nursing Process

No description

Kenzie Smith

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of ADPIE Nursing Process

The nursing process
The second step of the nursing process is
of the patient
There are three components of diagnosis
Diagnosis (Dx):
There are three types of diagnoses; medical, collaborative, and nursing. The nursing diagnosis must be 3 part (actual) or 2 part (risk of)
Related to (R/T):
This is finding the problem and relating it to the etiology factors or cause
As evidenced by (AEB):
This stems off of the patients signs and symptoms and how it can help the nurse form a nursing diagnosis that is supported by related factors.
The third step of the nursing process is
There are four components to this step
Long term outcomes
(created from the NDx) are client focused and are a plan to alleviate the problem within a time period longer than 6 months
Short term outcomes
(created from the R/T) are client focused and are a plan the nurse creates to solve, improve, educate, or diminish the illness, disease, or problem.
(created from AEB) are nurse focused and their plan to help achieve LTO and STO. They attempt to prevent, reduce, or eliminate etiology.
is generally the explanation for nurses interventions. It can include facts, theories, and principles from medical resources.

The fourth step of the nursing process is
This is when the nurse may possibly gather new subjective and objective data and demonstrate responses to the nursing intervention.
The fifth and final step of the nursing process is
This is where the nurse decides if their interventions were...
1. Met - if so, the problem is resolved
2. Partially met - of so, the nurse needs to adjust plan
3. Not met - if so, the nurse needs to reassess and make a new plan

Nursing process is now completed!
The first step of the nursing process is
of the patient.

The two components of this step are obtaining
subjective & objective
data, as well as gaining an understanding of the patients signs & symptoms.

Subjective data is something the patient, other health care professionals, or family members tell you. This data is expected to be quoted. It also describes the clients perspectives, perceptions, and experiences.

Objective data is information you observe or measure. Examples would include results of labs, xrays, or observations made during auscultation, palpation, inspection, and percussion.
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