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ap euro art project

Keerthi Priya

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of surrealism

2 + 2 = 5 ? Surrealism is: Abstract Expressionism is: Abstract expressionism can be viewed as a similarity of an outlook rather than a style. It was the same belief of revolt and the freedom to express one’s self. It would receive worldwide influence and made New York a center for the arts, which was usually Paris. Abstract Expressionism can mainly be recognized for its random movement on canvas and being able to paint from all side of the canvas. In a sense, abstract expressionism was a rebellion to the government and World War II. Abstract Expressionism focused not on a single object or figure but rather the use of brush strokes and the amount of space used. Paul Jackson Pollock 1912-1946 Male & Female •Painted in 1942
•Not known if it is male or female thus given the title
•Decide for yourself what the picture is telling you
Lavender Mist •Painted in 1950
•There really is no image just “action”
•Keeps the viewer looking everywhere and no certain area for focus
“working spontaneously with liquid paint"
influenced by David Alfaro Siqueirosas a Mexican muralist, Indian sand paint, and surrealist automatism.
technique: paint pouring , dripping,
1947 to 1950 - "Drip Period
numbered his paintings because numbers were neutral
supported by the U.S. •Painted in 1948
•Thick amounts of brown and yellow
•Nest like appearance
•Sold for $140 Million

Number 5 Mark Rothko
Nude •Painted 1926
•Influence of Weber
•oddly Figures are present

Omen of the Eagle •Painted in 1942
•Four faces across the top
•Influence of mythology
•Greek myth of Antigone

Number 10 1903-1970 did not want to be known as abstract expressionist
started as surrealist
influenced by Max Weber
painting with primarily dark, deep, and moody colors
1935s he joined "The Ten"
painted more geometric shapes without a focused object or figure •Change in style to shapes
•More structure
•Four to five rectangles visible

Surrealism was a movement where artists sought to challenge perceptions of reality by juxtaposing it onto natural scenes which were structured in an unnatural way. It differed from Abstract Expressionism and Cubism in that it looked to depict images in a semi-realistic manner. Rene Magritte This is not a pipe •Painted in 1929.
Of course it is not a pipe, just try and fill it with tobacco.”
Time Transfixed painted in 1938
combined two objects a locomotive and fireplace in nonsensical way

art was slightly less surreal than Dali but tried to be more thought provoking.
tried to stimulate thought with simple but common sense logic.
Initially he couldn’t support his artistic work
worked as a counterfeiter.

Dali Salvador Persistence of Memory Painted in 1931.
The ‘melting’ clocks are a reference to Einstein’s theory of the relativity of time
Despite being a ‘scientific’ painting it was painted during his Freudian phase
emphesis on dreaming.
The black spots on the orange watch are ants. Dali used ants to symbolize decay, death and unbridled sexual urges.
Painted in 1949, The Madonna of Port Lligat is one of three paintings.
combined religion and nuclear physics into one painting.
full of symbolism the egg up top is used to symbolize love
The cut away of Madonna and Christ refers to her transcendental status.
Madonna of Port Lligat 1904 - 1989 Born in Spain
believed he was the re-incarnation of his dead brother.
Thrown out of the Spanish art school
apolitical and fled countries where there were wars
Known for being very flamboyant and grandiose
Prior to the 40s he painted mainly Freudian/Jungian psychological themes. By: Mayzong Lee
Trevor Gersch
& Priya Vasireddi

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oWikipedia for links to artist paintings and basic information.
Bibliography QUIZ
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