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Prince Edward Island Diary

No worries no private stuff in here.

Alyssa Stainforth

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Prince Edward Island Diary

Avonlea Village
Dear Diary,
We had the best time at Green Gables and Avonlea Village! It was so good that we're going back tomorrow! Today we listened to the Avonlea Showband which is tradional martimes music. Dressed up in costumes, went to school and I won the Spelling Bee and even rode in a horse and buggy!
See ya later!
Day 1
Day 3
Today we went to Dalvay By The Sea for lunch and holy cow is it ever fancy! There was like 3 different types of spoons and 4 different forks and 2 knifes! After we went to Charlottetown to Wal-Mart for grocerys and to the Cows Ice Cream Factory. We got to try chocolate covered potatoe chips and watch the shirts be printed on the press. After we went home for supper and tried to figure out for the other 2 days. Well. BYE!
Red Dirt Beach
Red sand in PEI
Day 2
Today was sweltering! But when we went back to Avonlea Village,we did the things we didn't do we got Cows Ice Cream. It was so YUMMY! After we went to the beach. Now I can say that I have been in the Atlantic Ocean! It was pretty cold but nice on a hot August summer day. Well gotta go because i'm super tired.
This is the story of my trip to PEI
Prince Edward Island
Dalvay By The Sea
Green Gables
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