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Shellharbour City Council

No description

Tuesday Heather

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Shellharbour City Council

Where do new graduates
fit in?
4 of our 5 staff are UOW graduates
Variety of qualifications
Honours student hosting
Unpaid work experience
Casual positions
Project officer/temporary positions
Shellharbour City Council
Advice for graduates
Work experience
Volunteer work
Good application - get the kit, ring the contact, try to draw responses from life experiences, not just Uni, get someone to read your application
Address the selection criteria
Don't be afraid to say you haven't had experience in a certain area
Dream job may not be the first one
Interview skills will develop over time
My background
Bachelor of Science (Physical Geography)
Environmental Education
Coastcare Facilitator
Environmental Project Officer
Environment Officer
Current position
Environment Officer
Biodiversity Management and Protection
Bushfire Management
Wetland Management
Environmental Education
Environmental Leadership
Biodiversity Management and Protection
Wetland Management
Sustainability - Water and Energy Management
Environmental Education
Stormwater Management
Climate Change
Bushfire Management
Envrionmental Leadership
What do we do?
Who we partner with
Office of Environment and Heritage (National Parks & EPA)
Department of Primary Industries
Office of Water
Catchment Management Authorities (Local Land Services)
Local Schools (Pre-school, Primary & High Schools)
University of Wollongong
Rural Fire Service
Other Councils
Contractors & Consultants
How to grow a career in Local Government
Why Council is a good career choice
Work across a number of disciplines
Rewarding - local impact
Work with the community
Can get your hands dirty
Work with just about every other agency
Career progression
Team work
Family friendly
Job security

What an average week is like.....
Field work - Water sampling and wetland inspection
Review Development Application - impact on Threatened Species
Meeting for Environmental Leadership
Review Plan of Management for Blackbutt Reserve
Answer enquiry about eels in local creek
Prepare media release and safety sheet for up-coming rock platform walk
Liaise with local primary school for stormwater education activity
Review annual report environmental statistics
Structure of Council
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