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Steps to Writing an Essay

No description

T.J. W.S.

on 11 February 2019

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Transcript of Steps to Writing an Essay

Well, here we are again, virtually learning!
Today you will learn the ACE writing strategy - then I will go over your very first Google Discussion assignment.
Afterwards, you will complete a new Commonlit.org assignment where you will apply the ACE strategy to the short answer responses as well as review Main/Central idea, Inference, Context Clues & Author's Purpose!
Get those Headphones ready again!
Go ahead and get Readtheory up and running & set up a timer for yourself for 15 minutes.

You can use the one I provided linked or one on your phone!

Remember, at least TWO Readtheory items are
per day...

Yesterday... some of you did not do it at all... and yes... I noticed.
Pause the video now & do Readtheory.

After Readtheory, resume the video to get your writing lesson underway.
My #1 Rule...

No Matter What You Choose Or Choose Not To Do You Will Not Take The Education Of Another Person.
I can learn the A.C.E. writing strategy and apply it to my writing in order to write arguments to support claims when analyzing a text.
Every time you write... ask:
When I return to school I will have ACE cards made for your computers to remind you to always
Your writing!
Today, you are going to have your first Google Classroom discussion assignment.
I will go over:
the handout that is linked with the discussion question for today that explains how to hold a proper online discussion.
the Rubric which will show how I will grade your discussions.
From now on,
ACE is a requirement
to go by when doing any short answer response items OR Google Discussion questions.
Your handout on Google Classroom looks like this:
Your Rubric (How I will grade online discussion assignments)
Go to Google Classroom Now
Complete the online discussion question titled "Fear Discussion."

Use the handout, rubric, and ACE strategy to complete the discussion assignment.
After you finish the Google discussion assignment on Google Classroom, go to the assignment labeled:

"What Fear Can Teach Us"

This is an assignment on Commonlit.org

Utilize the ACE strategy on any short answer response questions.
Failure to do the short answer response questions will result in a 0 on this assignment.
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