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How to Teach Howl's Moving Castle in the Classroom

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Charyce Rountree

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of How to Teach Howl's Moving Castle in the Classroom

Using Reading in the Classroom
Howl's Moving Castle
How to use Howl's Moving Castle in the Classroom
By: Charyce Rountree
Thank You!
There is so much more you can with this book! It will open your students' minds and allow them to enjoy a text you assign!
About the Book
Character Activities
Themes VS Topics
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Published in 1986
Interest level: Grades 4-6
Reading level: 8.3
Genres: Adventure, Humor, Science Fiction/ Fantasy
A story of an eldest sister of three, Sophie, that is believes she is doomed. Cursed by an evil witch is forced to live in a old body with her young mind. She faces wizards, man-dogs, scarecrows and much more along her journey. She learns to believed in herself as well as opens her mind to others around her.
Heroic Story
Character Adventure Map
Literary Report Card
All of these activities will show the complexity of her character
Character Wheel
Character Inside and Outside Traits Diagram
Understanding the conflict he was facing with himself throughout the book
The message about people, life, and the world that the author wants the reader to understand.
The ability to make inferences is important.
The main idea or the gist of the story.
This is what children will naturally lean towards.
Howl's Moving Castle Themes
Guided Reading Questions

Lead your students to success!
Create discussion questions to help students dig deeper into the story.
Let students discuss ideas that they come up with, but keep control.
Potential Questions
How would it change the resolution of the novel if Sophie did not return to her young self at the end? What do you imagine would happen if she stayed Old Sophie?
Sophie and Michael do not spend a lot of time in our world; what do you think would surprise them most about it?
Resources to Help with Literature

This website offers many videos to help with instruction.
This website has lesson plans for every grade level that focus on reading and writing.
Remember why we teach!
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