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Canada's Food Guide Through The Decades

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Swarna Emayan

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Canada's Food Guide Through The Decades

Phase 1
Phase 2
Canada's Food Guide was first introduced in 1942. Since then the food guide has been updated seven other times. During these updates the food guide has remodeled its name, the look of it and the message it gives. In this presentation you will see some of the major transformations the food guide has gone through and why it has changed so much.
The Food Guide Today
The food guide of 1982 was the first food guide aimed for a population with two much in their diets rather than having too little. This was a major shift for Health Canada.
Canada's Food Guide Through the Decades
The Main Food Groups
The Purpose of a Food Guide
Thirty Years Ago
Food Guide Timeline
Canada's Food Guide has been around for 70 years. The food guide was developed by the Nutrition Division of the Federal Department of Pensions and National Health. Th name of the first food guide was Canada's Official Food Rules, later on the name was changed four more times. The goal of the first food guide was to prevent nutritional health deficiencies but the goal has significantly changed since then. Each time the food guide gets upgraded Health Canada uses data from food consumption surveys to improve the food guide.
There are five main food groups in Canada's Food Guide.
Vegetables and Fruits
Grain Products
The Food Groups
Meat and Alternatives
Milk and Alternatives
Oils and Fats
Canada's Food Guide promotes a desirable pattern of eating rather than a dietary pattern, all while it helps you get the nutrients you need every day. It is a guideline to healthy eating.
This food guide was meant to help prevent diet related chronic diseases and heart related diseases.
By: Swarna Emayan
As you can see their are minor changes to the design on this food guide from the previous one. To improve this food guide health professionals used information from evaluation surveys from the 1977 food guide.
On the back of this food guide it is shown that there are only four food groups. The names of the food groups have different names than the food groups you would see today such as milk and milk products, meat,fish,poultry and alternatives and breads and cereals.
This food guide had two significant modifications since the 1977 food guide. There was more information on variety and energy balance [intake and output]. It also advised limiting fat, sugar, salt and alcohol.
Food Guide
This food guide clarifies information on proportion sizes and helps you get comfortable with servings. It also tells you to limit intake of trans fat and also gives lots of other great tips for healthy eating.
As you can see here this food guide has five food groups. This is the first food guide that consists an oils and fats group. It recommends little or no salt and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables rather than juice. Also this is the first food guide to have a separate section for beverages.
The latest version of the food guide is called Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide. This food guide was built on findings from the review of the previous food guide [1992]. It has servings more specific to age groups such as children,teens,men,women and the elderly. It is the first food guide to have a specific section for women of childbearing and preschoolers. the guide also includes more detailed information and a wider variety of healthy food to choose from.
Our Educated Guess
We believe Canada's food guide has changed so much because, Canada has a growing population with people from all over the world. So the food guide has to change and have a wider variety of food options for the changing tastes of our population. With the science and technology we have today health professionals are able to get more information on what the human body needs in order to be healthy. But in the past they didn't have the resources to get this kind of information. That is why we think Canada's Food Guide has evolved so much.
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