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Critical Evaulation of the use of ICT in PE

Keynote lecture at the University of Worcester

Mr Woodward

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Critical Evaulation of the use of ICT in PE

What is the relevance?
No matter how old or traditional the content we are delivering there is always a 21st Century way of presenting it to students
The use of ICT as a learning tool
Session Outcomes

> To become aware of what ICT resources are available to enhance the learning opportunities within your lessons through a appreciation of learning theory

> To become familiar with the resources that are available to you

> To ensure you appreciate the relevance of ICT within PE
The use of ICT in a practical setting
iPad's and Tablets
Only 1??
Keynote lecture: Dave Woodward
Teacher of PE and ICT
Director of Sport at Whitecross Hereford

Critical Evaluation of the use of ICT in PE
About Me
University of Worcester Graduate 2002 - 2006

BSc Physical Education and Sports Studies 2:1 (2006)

PGCE Secondary Physical Education 11-16 (2007)

Working towards MA

Taught at Whitecross Hereford for 8 years

Lead training for Postgraduate teachers for PE and ICT

Youth Sport Trust Development Coach
Theory - GCSE/ BTEC
Practical - Core PE KS3 and KS4
The use of ICT in PE MUST enhance learning and/or teaching.........where appropriate
Use of ICT in a theory setting (Classroom)

Teachers today are expected to embrace and integrate themselves and their subjects into the digital age (TDA, date unknown).
ICT should be a integrated element in the teaching of every subject to all age groups (BECTA, 2003)
To Finish...
Look at ICT with an open mind
Consider the benefits it can give you and your pupils
ICT will NOT create a positive learning environment in your lessons.......
Look at sharing the workload- collaborative projects (Twitter)
Always have a back up plan
Share what has worked for you - good practice
Thank you for listening
FLIP Camera
Digital camera
Video analysis - kandle/ dartfish
HR monitors
YouTube Skill videos
sports science lab
full PE computer suite
Video cameras
Class sets? 10 -20
lots of apps that do the same job as many of the pieces of equipment listed previously
I will focus on my Top 4
A-Level PE
Interactive whiteboard
Interactive Voting pads
Department based and Teacher based
Research Projects
Follow me @dwoodward11
Contact details:
Email: dwoodward@whitecross.hereford.sch.uk
Twitter: @dwoodward11
Coaches eye
Cost: £2.99
Used for video
Analysis,(slow mo/draw)
Cost: £2.99
Used for video
instant feedback,
delay camera
Cost: Free (maker and reader)
Used for students to have control
over the pace of learning. independence
Cost: Free
Used for Assessment
Are you this?????
Or this?
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