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Newspeak is the language in George Orwell's 1984

Gabriela Betancourt

on 13 January 2011

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Transcript of Newspeak

Technology Summary 1984 By George Orwell

Gabriela Betancourt
Pd. 7 Winston Smith was an average citizen in the year 1984. Winston lived in Airstrip One (England) Oceania. The three Superstates were constantly at war. Oceania was ruled by a supreme dictator, also known as Big Brother. In Oceania, all of the citizens were the same. Winston was one of the few living people who had lived before the
revolution. Winston knew a man named O'Brien whom he
believed had the same doubts as
him. Winston wanted to confront him, but he didn't know how. Then, Winston met
a young woman named
Julia, whom he fell in love
with. Winston and Julia's plans were foiled however, when they were horribly betrayed from someone they thought was one of their best friends. Propaganda Propaganda techniques have been used throughout human history, are being used today (on you, believe it or not!) And will be used for the remaining time that humans exist on this planet. What is propaganda? Propaganda is information that an organization
or government puts out into the public to promote
an idea or cause. How it relates to the story Propaganda was an essential element to the plot of 1984. The Party’s motto History Propaganda has been used
throughout history. Some examples of propaganda include
the propaganda used by the Nazis to denounce Jews, and Stalin's pro-communism propaganda. Big Brother is also similar to Hitler and Stalin Propaganda Today Believe it or not, propaganda is
still used today. What happened the last time
you watched TV or read a magazine? And what happened two
years ago before the
presidential election? These are ALL forms of propaganda,
whether it's selling you a new type
of juice or trying to get you to vote or
not vote for someone. Propaganda is
everywhere and it's not always true. The Future Of Propaganda The future of propaganda
is unknown. Maybe it will be used with good intentions. Or perhaps it will be
used with bad intentions He's different. I don't
like him. Everything will be
better when Mark
Zuckerberg rules There are different eggs everywhere. And a different egg means a bad egg. When it comes
to the future of
propaganda, the
possibilities are
literally endless.
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