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Copy of Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse Dance Project

Emily Clark

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Bob Fosse

The foSse StyLe fosse style Port de Bra:

As the hand extends up, the dancers should think of a feather being gently released into the air. Teacup Fingers:

Dancer simply touches the tips of the thumb and the forefinger together so that a circle or an oval is formed fosse Hands Splayed Fingers
(Jazz Hands):

The fingers are stretched and separated from one another. Saucer Hands:

The fingers are extended and touching, and the palms are parallel to the floor Monkey:

Hands are in the "invisible soft boiled egg" position. One hand at eye level and the other at the mid-torso level. Hands alternate in a nice and tight motion. Soft-Boiled-egg Hands:

All five are bent and curled as if cautiously carrying a soft boiled egg. There should be no gripping of the fingers to the palm fosse Arms Broken Doll Arms:

Using splayed finger, keep arms straight and located slightly away the trunk of the body. Break at forearms and keep them parallel to the floor. The "fosse" Arms:

Hands are opened softly. With both arms in unison, move elbows in one direction and the wrists in the other direction. Smoothly transition to opposite side. fosse Legs & Feet hook:

Stand on one leg, lift the other in parallel position, turn the raised foot in and then hook it behind the standing leg X's and O's:

Push off wit the ball of the right foot & move to a pigeon-toed position in releve with knees turned in so that a knock-kneed look is achieved. Sugars:

Pull the torso up and bend over slightly. Revele on both feet, soften both knees, and step on the right foot, which is pointed far right. While the right foot executes this, the left swivels right. Twist to opposite direction while keeping back and head down Step together with hip circle:

Feet together. Step right onto the ball of the right foot and let heel gently lower to the floor. As weight goes to foot the hip is lifted and circles in a clockwise direction. The Rich Man's Frug

This wildly energetic dance number is comprised of three "movements" ("The Aloof", "The Heavyweight" and "The Big Finish") that showcases Bob Fosse's distinctive choreography style, particularly his creative use of unusual poses, gestures, and arm movements. Steam Heat

This dance trio in "steam heat" is a great example of fosse's attention to shoulder. In it fosse's slouch move is often used. It also shows the hat that is an prop commonly used in most fosse dances. Hey Big Spender

Although this all female dance doesn't have as much movement as most of fosse's dances it is still one of his most well known and showcases fosse's technique in their dance poses. Some famous dances that showcase fosse's style are. . . fosse's World All that jazz Dancin'
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