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Jennifer Poole

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of THE CITY OF LONDON

The City is leader in trading Eurobonds, foreign exchange, energy futures and global insurance
The pound sterling is the 4th most traded currency and 3rd most held reserve currency

flag coat of arms motto
The local authority for the City = the City of London Corporation
Headed by the Lord Mayor of the City of London (an office separate from, and older, than the Mayor of London
The City is made up of 25 wards (survivors of mediaeval governmental system)
The economy
Banking and Insurance (headquarters)
The London Stock Exchange
Lloyd's of London
The Bank of England
500 banks of which about half are foreign institutions
Other functions
Independent police force (The City of London Police)
Rest of London (Metropolitan Police Service at Scotland Yard)
The City is the 3rd largest UK patron of the arts
Business and financial centre
Canary Wharf (since 1991) Financial services industry
Insurance Industry
The legal profession: northern and western sides of the City
The economy
The Lord Mayor of the City of London
The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of the City of London
Head of the City of London Corporation.
Within the City only the Sovereign takes precedence.
Outside the City the Lord Mayor takes precedence with, but after, members of the Cabinets.
On behalf of the Sovereign and the Government he regularly acts as host for visiting heads of state and foreign dignitaries
Role: supports and promotes the City as the world leader in international finance and business services.
Fire, bombing and post World War II redevelopment has meant the City has few historic structures.
Almost all skyscrapers are for use by the financial sector
The City
The Square Mile
1.12 sq.miles in area
Geographical situation
Some livery companies have a professional role today
eg. The Hackeney Carriage Drivers' Company comprises licensed London taxicab drivers who have learned the "knowledge of London."
Today there are 108 livery companies; they play an important role in the social life and networking in the City.
Goldsmiths has been responsible since 1300 for testing the purity of gold and silver wares.These companies provide funds to charitable and educational organisations. Many companies are involved in apprenticeship schemes.
The City vies with New York as the financial capital of the world
The Monument
St. Paul's Cathedral
The Guildhall
The Royal Exchange
Mansion House: the Lord Mayor's residence, a private residence and a base for the Lord Mayor's Office (City of London Corporation) used for business meetings, conferences, banquets and entertaining.
Many companies still operate a livery hall where members can be entertained and company business transacted.
Today 39 have halls in London. Many blue plaques in the City indicate where companies used to have halls.
These companies have important functions in the elections of the government of the City of London.
Unique electoral system.
Most of its voters are representatives of businesses and other bodies that occupy premises in the City.
Both businesses based in the City and the residents of the City can vote.
Controversial : 330,000 non residents (day-time population)
7,000 residents
Ernst and Young
St. Mary Axe (the Gherkin)
The Leadenhall Building (the Cheesegrater)
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