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Volunteer In Training

No description

Julie Schloss

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Volunteer In Training

Girl Scout Keys to Leadership
Girls understand themselves and their values and use their knowledge and skills to explore the world.

Girls care about, inspire, and team with others locally and globally.

Girls act to make the world a better place.
Think About It...
Through Girl Scouts what have you DISCOVERED?

How did you CONNECT with others?

What did you do to TAKE ACTION?

The Girl Scout Processes
Girls play an active part in figuring out what, where, when, how and why of their activities.

Learning By Doing
Rather than listening to someone tell them about it, girls get in there and do it! They ask questions, share ideas, gain skills and take time to reflect.

Cooperative Learning
Girls work together toward shared goals in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration.
Staying Safe
It's important for girls to feel safe at Girl Scouts, and for their parents to know that they are safe.

Emotional Safety
When girls trust those around them.

Physical Safety
When girls feel safe in an environment.
Safety Guidelines
1. Follow the Safety Activity Checkpoints.
2. Arrange for proper adult supervision.
3. Get parent/guardian permission.
4. Report abuse.
5. Be prepared for emergencies.
6. Travel safely.
7. Ensure safe overnight outings.
8. Role-model the right behavior.
9. Create an emotionally safe place.
10. Ensure that no girl is treated differently.
11. Promote online safety.
12. Keep girls safe during money-earning activities.

Plan an Activity
When planning an activity use this as a guide.

Create a fun activity that catches the girl's interest. If the girls came up with the idea, your spark could be reminding them why they chose this activity.

Give the girls an opportunity to plan how they are going to approach the activity. Who goes first? What color do you want to use? Should we go outside?

Check Safety Activity Checkpoints by visiting the GSSI website.

Do the activity.

Give the girls the opportunity to debrief the activity. How did this go? Did it go as you expected? What might you change the next time we do this?
Take the Quiz!
Click on the link below to access the VIT Quiz. Submit the quiz to the Awards program manager.

Next Steps...
1. Submit the quiz to the Awards program manager to receive credit for taking the VIT Workshop.

2. Find an adult volunteer in any Pathway other than camp, with a group of girls at the age-level you would like to serve.

3. Create and implement a thoughtful program based on a Journey or badge that that lasts over 4 or more sessions.

Your total commitment to complete VIT is 20 hours. Once you have completed all the steps, complete the final paperwork and forward to the Awards Program Manager for approval.
Volunteer In Training
Understand the Girl Scout Processes of Girl-Led, Learning by Doing and Cooperative Learning, and how to use these processes in program design and delivery.
Learn how to work with adult coaches to anticipate safety issues.
Develop strategies to change course when a program is not going as planned.
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