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Broad River Basin

No description

Taylor Williams

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Broad River Basin

Water quality is over good but there are some miner problems
Problems: Excessive erosion and poorly managed development of agriculture.
Hydraulic and hydrologic alterations to streams.
Point source pollution.
There is also another main problem which is sedimentation and has caused many species to become endangered.
Threats to Water Quality
Broad River Basin
-Major Tributaries includes Green, First Broad, Second Broad, North Pacolet rivers
-A major man made lake is Lake Lure, which is also a very popular tourist place
Major reservoirs are Lake Aldger, and Kings Mountain Reservoir(Moss Lake)
-Major Municipalities include Forest City, Kings Mountains, Chimney Rock Village, Lake Lure, Rutherfordton, Shelby and Spindale

Species of Concern
Many species have become endangered and there have been many close calls. This is partially due to the pollution overtime and erosion.

There are many things that are available involving recreation. People come to hike, bike, paddle and more!!
The Aquatic Salamanders
- The Broad river basin is the only place in North Carolina were you can find the aquatic salamander
-The salamander is also known as the mudpuppy
-The tail is laterally flattened, and has dorsal and ventral fins
There are multiple locations to hike here. Some o these places include:
Chimney Rock State Park
Green River Game Land
Norman Wilder Forest
It's a great place to hike due to the many trails.

There are also great places to bike! It goes from 3 miles up to more than 20 miles. (80 laps around our track!!)
Broad River Greenway
Foothills Equestrian Nature Center
Thermal Belt Rail-Trail
Map Details
Snail Bullhead
Creeper (mussel)
Broad River stream crayfish
Quill back
Notchlip Redhorse
Variable Spike
A geologic feature of the basin.
Known as granite fissure cave located in North America.
It has a cathedral entrance, ( 300feet long/85 feet high)
It has more than a mile of passageways. (more than four laps around our track)
Unusually formed by splitting and shifting of rock.
Only open during Nature Conservancy Field Trips.
Bat: rare indian bat that's currently an endangered species.
FUN FACT: White nose syndrome is a giant threat to bats
Bat Cave
Some Animals of the Broad River Basin
Keeping the Broad River Basin clean and beautiful is a honorable and important deed. Groups and organizations in the area help to keep this river alive. For the most part, the river is in good shape and the water is of good quality.

Population (NC): 342,282
Size: 1,954 acres or 1,514 sq.mi
Path: Goes through the counties Buncombe, Cleveland, Gaston, Henderson, Lincoln, McDowell, Polk, and Rutherford. Starts in Western NC and flows southeast into SC. The basin gets more dense as it goes down into SC. The basin ends at Bedford Basin.
Counties: 8
Municipalities: 27
How can you Help?
To report chemical spills, oil spills or fish kills, you can call DHEC’s emergency response line toll-free at 1-888-481-0125 24 hours a day.
If you are interested in having a DHEC representative speak at a meeting or event about water quality, contact your Watershed Manager.
You can organize your own group of volunteers and clean up the area.
Never liter or pollute!
-There are about 100 rare plants in the Broad river basin
- The rarest is the globally endemic White Irisette, which is found on the Blue Ridge Escarpment in North Carolina and South Carolina.
-Since the water quality is overall good, the variety of trees, flowers, and plants is also of great variety.
-Types of trees include cottonwood trees, cypress trees and many different types of oaks.
- An abundant amount of wildflowers,and mountain laurel, can be found alongside the river basin.

How we are polluting the basin
-We have coal waste, coal ash, in Asheville that sometimes gets into the basin
-also our construction cites deposit unnatural sediments into the water
-all in all we are making it unsafe for the fish that live in the basin and animals that drink from the basin
The biggest threat to the Broad river basin is littering.
You can find examples of the wildlife and vegetaion at Green River, Lake Summit, Broad River, Chimney Rock State Park and Lake Lure
There are many different species of animals and algae.
Some of the species are endangered due to many causes such as pollution, erosion, and sedimentation. This does not prevent them from living there.
Many species of Salamander such as the Green Salamander and the Mole Salamander are federally labeled as endangered.
There are also many species of fish that are threatened.
An excessive amount of sediments along the basin play a big part the threats.
By Paige, Bella, and Taylor
Please do not get us confused with the French Broad River Basin. Even though it is more popular than the Broad River Basin, there are still fabulous facts about The Broad River Basin.
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