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How does Setting influence

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Devan Koons

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of How does Setting influence

How does Setting influence
the Theme of the Text?

Because setting influences the plot and characters, it influences Theme
Theme is the main message the author is trying to give the reader.

The theme is shaped by the character, setting, and plot of the story.
So, how does setting influence theme in
The Giver
The setting causes conflict and influences the main character's thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Jonas lives in a society where every aspect of a person's life is controlled. This causes anxiety (conflict) for Jonas.

The real conflict starts when Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver.
So, how is the theme influenced?
are called into question by the Giver and Jonas to the point of considering to change the setting (way of life) of the community.
The setting can reflect the mood of the characters
For example, if the setting of the story was set up like this: "It was a dark and stormy night and the rain came down in torrents," then the mood of the character would probably be gloomy and lonely.
Setting contributes to plot and characters
Without setting, there would be no plot for the story to be held.

The time and place the story takes place affects the lessons that can be learned from the main character in their surroundings.
Or the setting could reflect the plot in representing something evil or unfortunate is about to happen.
Purpose for reading today: think about how the setting of your LDG book influences the character's thoughts, feelings, and actions.
This eventually leads to influencing the theme of the story.
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