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Double Space - with music

My template for the Prezi Design Challenge! 100% handmade images. :) Full screen recommended! Background music example and credit included. Downloadable mute version: http://prezi.com/rmwjfjgq-7qj/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Éva Szakács

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Double Space - with music

Use anything and everything you like
Fasten your seatbelts, we're taking off!
Combine the elements as you wish!
Zoom into as much as you would like to - the images will keep their quality!
various color themes
choose your favorites!
You might make unexpected discoveries
Click, zoom, look around
The choice is yours
Explore new areas
Welcome to the background-music-edition of
Double Space template!
The following link leads you to
, whose music I chose for this template.
The track's title is "
Slow Motion
How to group flames and meteors in 3 steps:
hold down SHIFT + click and drag to select them
You can:
a rectangle shaped selection will appear
after selection: right click + Group
You can use them as bullet points too!
BONUS: New frame!
Just click and drag where you would like to use them; they are put into invisible frames.
Want to use only half of them? You can pick up these brackets individually.
Every image is handmade - including the background
The same applies to resizing - everything is freely scalable!
or you can hide a few easter eggs in your presentation
Can you find 3 surprises I hid in this space travel template?
Surprise 1.
This planet is just as blue as me!
Yay, I found a shooting star!
Make a wish!
Hint: I did not zoom onto them.
Experiment and edit
Surprise 2.
I finished checking our spaceship!
Surprise 3.
Space travel
Your title
Please note: this small star is an exception;
it should be used only in smaller sizes,
e.g.: bullet points, constellations, route marking.
Want to use it as a template?
Just click here, it's free!
Downloadable template:
Full transcript