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The Lay of the Werewolf

No description

Heather Baug

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The Lay of the Werewolf

"The Lay of the Werewolf" By: Marie de France Written in 12th century Summary Bisclavaret is a werewolf and knight
His frightened wife steals his clothes so that he stays in werewolf form She runs off with another knight
The king hunts for the werewolf, but finds out that the werewolf is friendly The king treats him kindly and so does the rest of the kingdom, so the werewolf behaves
Upon seeing the knight, Bisclavaret becomes enraged and attacks, and he does the same thing upon seeing his wife Finally, a wise counselor puts two and two together, and returns Bisclavaret to normal Point of View Third Person Omniscient Setting of the Story 12th century Medieval kingdom A castle surrounded by a forest Characterization Main character: Bisclavaret Kind-hearted Holds grudges Loyal and Noble Conflict External Bisclavaret's wife takes his clothes so that he cannot return to human form and he must return to human form Resolution Bisclavaret's problem of being unable to return to human form is being resolved They resolve the conflict by obtaining Bisclavaret's clothes from his wife Theme Always act kindly towards others Do not put too much trust in those you do not truly know Motifs Bisclavaret's clothes: Humanity Irony Dramatic: We know that Bisclavaret is the werewolf Personal Response Good story Yes, kindness is an important thing in life Marie is from France
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