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SEP prompt

Budget cuts and extracurricular activities

Gwendolyn Tupelo

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of SEP prompt

Are Extra Curricular Activities
Worth Saving? By Gwendolyn Tupelo Many people I know including my family,
my principal and teachers, and of course, me
believe that extracurricular activities are very important. Like... But there are others who don't agree. "Education today is heavily weighted toward linguistic and mathematical-logical development. there are so many other forms of human intelligence that need nurturing". -Deborah Bansemer, former school teacher. Also, Extracurricular Activities Develop Multiple Intelligences are extracurricular activities important? Or with budget cuts should we fund academics instead? To start with, extracurricular activities improve student performance.

"A growing body of research says that there is a link between after school activities and graduating High school, going to college and becoming a responsible citizen".
-June Kronholz , journalist and contributing editor for Education Next.

My family and I also agree with this point. "Participating in extracurricular activities can place a child under pressure to not only succeed in the activity, but manage and balance his schedule. On a related note, some extracurricular activities require a financial commitment that can put pressure on the family budget". Robyn Lynne Schechter, eHow contributor - Lauralee Moss, eHow contributor-

"No matter the age, students can become frustrated if they are overworked with school, friends, family and extracurricular activities. Older students sometimes juggle jobs as well. Students need time to study, relax with peers and join family time. Anytime students struggle to find a balance in life, parents should look at their extracurricular involvement". I think that if the student is under pressure then maybe they're taking to much on and should limit themselves to one or two extracurricular activities. Some Examples of Multiple Intelligences and Extracurricular Activities that develop them: Musical-Drama Club
Kinesthetic-Soccer Team
Interpersonal/Social-Student Government
Emotional-Creative Writing Club
Naturalist (Connects well to nature and animals)- Horseback Riding
Spiritual/Religious-Church Students Fund raising for Their Own Extracurricular Activities Develops Entrepreneurial Skills. "By encouraging student initiative and entrepreneurship, students gain the ability to turn their dreams into reality". -Deborah Bansemer sources eHow
Education Next Sites Personal Interviews Andy Johnson-gifted resource teacher at Stony Point Elementary.
Deborah Bansemer-former school teacher.
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