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Collaborative Study - Tasks

No description

stewart ellis

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Collaborative Study - Tasks

Collaborative Study
Collect the following information;

Email Address
Contact Number
Place of Work
Subject Taught
Each make a list of the members of your group.
Agree 5 Group Ground Rules
Interview Each Other

Reason for getting into teaching?
How long have they been teaching?
What other jobs have they had?
What do they teach?
Where do they teach?
What type of students do they teach?
What does your practice have in common?
What differences are there between you teaching practice?


Team Building

Johari Window

Observations & Blog
Refer to Theory
Do not use real names!
Create a Blog
Arrange First
What kind of teacher
are you?
Look at John Hattie's average affect size


Practices you use in class
Practices you don't use in class
Items you feel you have no influence over
Average Affect Size
Qualities of Effective Teachers
James Stronge
e.g. Be punctual
Agree Protocols for Lesson Observation
Using the interviews each of you write up a description of one person in the team.

Write up the ground rules and agreed observation protocol.

Each of you reflect on today's session any discussions and the team building exercise.
In your blog...
Bridge & Torch
Bridge Crossing Puzzle

A group of four people has to cross a bridge. It is dark, and they have to light the path with a torch.
No more than two people can cross the bridge simultaneously, and the group has only one flashlight. It takes different time for the people in the group to cross the bridge. You can only move at the speed of the slowest person:
• Anne crosses the bridge in 1 minute
• Bob crosses the bridge in 2 minutes
• Vijay crosses the bridge in 5 minutes
• Rachel crosses the bridge in 10 minutes
How can the group cross the bridge in 17 minutes?

e.g. Observation paperwork
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