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Trambrands: Overcoming

No description

Eugene Rakhimov

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Trambrands: Overcoming

Tambrands: Overcoming
Cultural Resistance

1. Case background
2. Case Analysis
- SWOT Analysis
- Marketing Mix
3. Discussion Questions
4. Conclusion
5. Recommendations
6. Implication
Case background
Case Analysis
This presentation was prepared for the International Marketing class BBUS 4470-01,
taught by the instructor Dr. Warveni Jap

Liza Green
Irina Shamarden
Meshal Alsuwayhil
Stéphane Ponte
Sandeep Joe Augustine
Matthew Klein
Evgeny Lavrov

SWOT Analysis
Recommendation and Implication
Could think about introducing pad and alternative.
Exposure campaigns, in store booklets
Continues to provide information about proper use of tampons to other cultures.
Multi-age level education.

44% of the global market

Well-known brand, already trusted by North American and European women

Strong market knowledge

Interactive websites for teenage girls

Connecting to regions where cultural norms prohibit the use of tampons (not focusing on alternative products they could manufacture)

Only a single product company

• Women not currently using tampons

• Nations where education about the use of tampons is minimal

• Buy out by Procter and Gamble allows for greater distribution channels

• Tambrand funded educational seminars for women

• Working with HERO – Protecting Futures (girls in African schools)

• Competition- Kimberly Clark, Playtex, Private Brands

• Cultural resistance

Tampax: Radiant, Pearl, Essentials, Cardboard

All these varieties differs in

in the material of applicator (plastic or cardboard)
size (full size or compact)
level of absorbency (light, regular, super, super plus and ultra)
scented and unscented products.

The price of Tampax depends on:


pack size

The price is reasonable and many stores provide the product on sale.







Online messages

Educational presentations
Marketing MIX
Objective questions
Q: Tambrands indicated that the goal of its global advertising plan was to "market to each cluster in a similar way." Discuss this goal. Should P&G continue with Tambrands's original goal adapted to the new educational program? Why? Why not?
Q: For each of the three clusters identified by Tambrands, identify the cultural resistance that must be overcome. Suggest possible approaches to overcoming the resistance you identify
Q: In reference to the approaches you identify, is there any approach that can be used to reach the goal of "marketing to each cluster in a similar way"?
Q: P&G is marketing in Venezuela with its "Mexican" model. Should the company reopen the Brazilian market with the same model?
Q: A critic of the "Protecting Futures" program comments, "if you believe that makers of Tampax tampons, there is a direct link between using Western feminine protection and achieving education, good health, clean water and longer life. Comment
Global market segmentation
Cluster 1
Cluster 3
Tampax is a major tampon brand in a global market. 90% of its sales are in North America and Europe.

Only 100 million women of 1.7 billion use tampons.

Tampons are one of the most difficult products to market

Company’s earnings dropped 12 % on revenues because of the competition
Tampax joins protectingfuture.com and donates to HERO, supported by the United Nations
Tampax launches website beinggirl.com
Cluster 2
1. Cateora, P., Gilly, M., & Graham, J. (2013). International Marketing (16th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

2. http://www.pg.com/en_CA/

3. http://www.beinggirl.com/

4. http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGZpWOMGJCM

5. http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=n09SejxpcFA
Tambrands is a multinational company
The company is facing barriers
Efforts are also being made to fund educational seminars for women.
Tambrands is also sponsoring Hero program in Namibia and South Africa .
All these efforts will help the company to market its product effectively and efficiently.
International marketers should be careful and thoughtful when introducing their product into new cultures
Proctor & Gamble
$ 1.87 billion buyout deal

Success in Mexico (focus group approach)

Success in Venezuela
Thank you!

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