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Teaching Reading

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daniela riveros godoy

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Reading

Teaching Reading
"Babies are born with the instinct to speak the way spiders are born with the instinct to spin webs. You do not need to train babies to speak ; They just do . But reading is different".
"Many things we need can wait
The child cannot. Now is the time
his bone are formed, his mind
developed to him We cannot
say tomorrow his name is today"

Chilean Poet Gabriela Mistral.
Speaking a language comes naturally to most children ,Reading, by contrast, is not natural. The process of learning to read is far different from the process of learning to speak.

When We refer to teach reading, reading means "reading and understanding a piece of information, letters etc.

For this reason is very important to consider some strategies to read :

strategy 1 : "Read as often as possible"
strategy 2 :Previewing and predicting ideas,styles of the writing,title and subtitles,examine photos.
Strategy 3 "Brainstorming, what you already know and what you would like to know about the topic.
Before Reading
Look at the images . Which of them shows a healthy environment ? why?

This activity is for students of 8th grade.

-Objectives of this activity, students will :

Predict content from pictures.
Express ideas and personal opinions about the text.
Practice using some strategies for reading.
Identify correct answers in groups.
Finally Find information about the greenhouse effect on the internet,or in your school library.
Make drawings or get pictures or illustrations from magazines
design a poster to explain what the greenhouse effect is.
Present your findings to your classmates and make a mini-project using your reasons to speak about this topic.

( pre-reading)
Acid rain:
lluvia ácida
Ozone layer
Air pollution:
Contaminación del aire
Rainforest destruction
: destrucción de bosques
Reading : "People are changing planet earth
The earth is 4,600 million years old.Modern man has lived on it for only 35,000 years, but in that time our planet has changed in many ways. Many of the things people are doing are good,but many more are not good for our world.

I_____________________________in big cities, cars and buses are affecting the air.Many people who live in cities are having very bad health problems.

II____________________________Factories are damaging the land and the water, so many fish are dying.

III____________________________Many aerosols and sprays are destroying the ozone layer.They are making a big hole and too much ultraviolet radiation is entering the earth .This is causing cancer in people around the world.

IV______________________________ People are cutting down millions and millions of trees all over the world. As a result,many types of animals and plants are disappearing.

So now, Reading the following text.
1.Read the text quickly and write the correct heading for each paragraph (I-IV)

A. Acid rain
B.Ozone layer depletion
C.Air pollution
D.Rainforest destruction

2. Read the text again. Are the statements true (T) or false (F)

________ The earth is very old
________ People who live in cities are very healthy.
________ Factories are very good for the environment.
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