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Oliver Novak

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of SEX

Ethnicity, group division?
Sex and Gender
You or me, man or woman. Are we created equally?
Philosophical Guidance
This means convincing yourself on how a society should be or how it should evolve to a better one. This can in many cases be, religious, political or ideal.

Are we created equally? Has that thought gone through your mind. Well it have for us and we think that people are created with the same human rights.
Sexuality -

mental, physical and health
Music's impact on political opinions
Man or woman, homo or a lesbian?
Biological circles
Sexuality is one of the biggest aspects and it change's the differences between human to human. What we attract to and what gender we like.
Our sexuality changes depending on which society we belong to.
If we live in a homophobic society then that will (can) influence our point of view and change the way that we see people.
If we get negatively treated because of our sexuality, that can lead to that our health is changing and make us feel bad both mentally and physically
Sex is what we see as the difference between a man and a woman. While a gender is the difference between a man and woman out in society. How we see and treat people.
To see someone through a gender perspective is to have this character in mind. This could in many ways be used to analyze the feminist point of view.
Sexual identity
Some people look down and mistreat people from an odd sexual identity, like homosexuality
(Sexual identity is the sexual life which you have been randomly given, for example to be homosexual)
Young people, for example teenagers can be differently treated because of their sexual identity and they are seen as "odd" by the society. In that way teenagers can be affected by people's own opinions. It can then affect their physical health and how they feel and how they want to interact with people out in society.

We think people feel threatened by homosexuality. The problem isn't about gay people, the problem is about the attitude towards gay people. Gays are people, they are sons and daughters, politicians, doctors and heroes.

People's opinion can change depending which ethnic group we belong to. It can be a closed of society which makes up ideals about political, social questions and answers.
Philosophical guidance is very much connected to the ethnic and religious society that you belong to. They/you make up ideals how to make a perfect life and a perfect society.
The Ethnic group can influence on your opinions in a political way. They make up ideals on how the society should improve itself. It could maybe be that we need to remove something or add something.
It affect's us and makes us think like they do, so in that way that group of people grows and grows because they are convincing people that their ideals are the correct ones.
There can be two example of starting points, first we adapt ourselves depending on our company. That will change the way we see political questions, feminism or religious minorities and many other things. The other thing is that even when we start in school we get told about life in the society, how teachers see it. They influence on us and makes us see things at their point of view. For example if you have a homophobic teacher and he/she expresses his/her opinions. Then that can influence yours.
Religion has a huge impact in every country. It changes things like laws and the lifestyle we have. Religion can change people's values and opinions about what's right and what's wrong. This will then affect things like politics in the country and how we choose to lead and control it.
Religion in that matter can also lead to that people from an odd religion get unprivileged. For example if you are Jewish and you move into a Muslim society then they can treat you differently because of the religion and lifestyle you have chosen.

We define the concept "equality" as where we separate feminism and masculinity. The way that explain the human rights and the obligation between a man and a woman in significant areas. The different ways we treat the different sexes can affect us both negatively and make one of the gender feel less needed.
People get criticized because of their differences.
Someone believe in that God and someone else believes in another God. It shouldn't separate us, it should define us and accept the choices we have made. We can in that way live together without ignorance and differences.
Gender equality requires equal distribution of power and influence. Depending on which gender you are then that will change the voice you have out in society and how much you can change.
We normally priorities people from an "ordinary" religion. For example if you are from Sweden where the leading religion is Christianity but you are a Muslim and you want a job then that can affect your chances on getting the job.
Music affects our life everyday even if we don't know it. A lot of songs have what we call a "subliminal message", or hidden messages. Where the artist want's to inform us about certain things. But it doesn't need to be hidden, the song can still have a "visible" message about things. Where their opinions is very clearly introduced in their songs.
If we look back at the music generation of the 1960s.The bands and artists wanted to make people see and care about the thing's that happened in the world.
In the 1960s there was war and chaos. People wanted peace between the nations. So musicians made songs about peace and the negative sides of the war.
We believe that our identity doesn't change depending on our music choices. We believe that our identity attracts the music choices that we have.
Sexual transmitted diseases -
the consequences
Sexual transmitted disease, or a STD can be a really tough thing to deal with. It's changing depending on your sexual behavior, or how you choose to protect yourself during sexual intercourse.

One of the only protection that science has approved will work against most of the sexual diseases is a condom.
A condom is much like a barrier around the man's genital and it protects both the lady and the man from catching a disease. But there are some scenarios where the condom could not work as they are supposed to. It could for example be that the condom breaks or that the size doesn't apply to the size that the man has. There are of course more protection but we think that this is the biggest and most used.
There are some very tough consequences of catching a disease. There are a lot of sexual diseases. Some can lead to death and some can lead to social and interacting problems. Some can also lead to another diseases.
The identity we have is changed because of our taste of music which evolves when we are young, we think that the younger age's is where we are most vulnerable to people's opinions.
So depending on which genre of music we grew up to or what sort of music the people around us were listening to will affect us and make us listen to that music. Then that music genre maybe has a big opinion which will affect you.
Female puberty

Male puberty
Males physiological changes isn't as big as a female. Because male's does not feel such as big preparation in their inner body as girls do.

Biological and physiological changes, how do they relate?
To understand on how they relate to each other we firstly need to know what they are.
A biological change is what we actually see, for example in puberty hair starts to grow on a boys body. So the visible change. The biological is connected to androgen which is the reason why we drastically change so much during the period of puberty. Androgen in this matter is the hormones for the male while estrogen is the female hormones. These hormones is the reason why pubic hair start's to grow on our body.
A physiological change is more like an "invisible" change. For example a boy that is going through puberty starts to either get very tired or very energetic. So a biological is a visible change and a physiological is an "invisible" change.
The first stage is when the female puberty is starting, at around 8-11 years age. Where the inner body of the female starts to develop estrogen-producing capabilities. So that the body is producing hormones that is making them ready to evolve.
Female puberty is divided up to five stages.
The Second stage is at age of 11 or 12 where the girls breast start's to show and they are starting to grow. The pubic hair also starts growing.
The third stage is around 12-13 where the continuation of the growth on the pubic hair and the breasts.
The fourth stage at an age of around 13-14 is when the accelerated growth of the height slows down and they start to reach their final length. The body fat goes to the adult level and the girl's first menstruation happens.
But you might think, "do these two concepts connect and how do they do it"?
Yes, they do connect. They connect because during the period of puberty we start to get some mental or physiological changes in our body.
If we take menstruation (a part of the female puberty) for example, when the premenstrual tension happens, the girl start's drastically to have some more emotional changes, they can for example be very mad or very sad.
So in this case the premenstrual tension is the biological change in the body while physiological is the emotional changes. So we can say that physiological is some sort of side effect to the biological.
HIV is a very dangerous virus which you get from sexual intercourse. There is a follow up disease called, AIDS. That means that if you catch HIV and that later on develops into AIDS then your immune system will break down and enable the chance to get the other more lethal diseases for your body. But there are medicines that can hold HIV at the point so that it doesn't evolve into AIDS. It's called "anti retrieval drug".
is commonly found in young adults.
The bacteria that cause the disease gonorrhea can infect the genital area, mouth or anus.
You can get gonorrhea during vaginal, oral, or anal sex with an infected partner.
A pregnant woman can also pass gonorrhea to her baby during childbirth.
Genital Herpes
Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the virus, herpes simplex that is also called HSV.
It can cause sores on your genital or rectal area and much more places.
You can get it from having many sorts of sex, even oral. The virus can even spread when the sores are not visible.
Mothers can also as gonorrhea infect their babies with herpes during childbirth.
Chlamydia is as many other sexual disease's spread by sexual intercourse. It is caused by a bacteria that spreads through all sorts of sexual interaction, such as oral, anal or vaginal. This disease does not usually have direct symptoms, but if you feel a slight pain when you are urinating then that could be a sign of this disease.
Even if the different sort of STD:s have different effects then they can still be dangerous, it doesn't matter if it's that illness or that illness, we still need to handle the problem otherwise the consequences can be lethal.
There are a lot of different diseases that can cause things like sterility, for example gonorrhea or genital herpes, then that can lead to that the infected one can have trouble to get kid's in the future. Or HIV / AIDS where your immune system breaks down and make you open for countless of disease that can lead to death. This is just some examples of bi effects, there is still a lot of diseases that can have dangerous effects on your body. We think that if you want to have sexual intercourse as safe as possible then you should use protection and go on a regularly testing for any sort of STD. You should also talk about/with your partner or your sexual history and that inform each other about any sort of diseases.
Stage five is the last phase of puberty and it happens around 14-17 but uncommonly at the age of 19. The female has passed all the stages, her pubic hair is fully developed. She has reached her final length and her breast is at her "maximum" size and her menstruation happens regularly .
We choose to also go through the different phases of puberty depending on the sex.
Male Puberty
The male puberty is also divided up to five stages.
The first stage starts normally at the age of 10. When something called GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone) is released into the body and the body starts to evolve. The male testicles then start's to go through some sort of a growth spurt. Pubic hair also starts to grow in the genital areas and erection occurs more often.

Stage two happens normally around the age 12-13, where the size of the testicles continues to grow but now testosterone starts flowing through the male body. The pubic hair also continues growing but now also changes color. The length of the body also enters a "rapidly changing" phase.
You are between the age 13-14 and you are now witnessing the third stage of puberty, where your pubic hair starts to get more darker and fuller. The penis now also starts to grow. The voice is drastically changing so that the male is starting to feel crackling in his speaking.
Stage four of male puberty commonly takes place when a boy is around 14 or 15 years old. Hair begins showing up in the armpits and on the face, and pubic hair begins to grow coarse. The boy's voice will even out and become deeper. The penis now grows thicker and continues to lengthen.
The final stage of male puberty occurs anywhere from age 14 to age 18. During this time, a boy will achieve most (but not necessarily all) of his height. His body shape will have evolved to an adult level, his shoulders will be broader, his muscles developed and fully formed, his arms and legs and chest proportioned for power and masculine appearance. Pubic hair will also spread out to the inner thighs and lower stomach.
Because we think that people get negatively treated and in that way being afraid to go to school because of their sexuality
We believe that people believe girls are getting treated badly and that they can't have an opinion and we do not listen to their solutions, answers and ideals. That is unfair and it separates the two genders so that one of them is the leading one and get's to decide on how we should change things. This does mostly apply to small societies.
Oliver Novak, Ludvid Simonsen, Alex Klingler
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