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Acts of Rebellion

No description

Hailee Pedersen

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Acts of Rebellion

Acts of Rebellion
Fahrenheit 451
Syrian Rebellion
The Haymarket Square Riot
Riot in Chicago, May 4th, 1886
Workers were on strike for 8 hour work days
Riots began in reaction to police brutality
Unknown assailant tossed bomb into crowd
Strengthened the feelings of anti-labor and nonviolent unionism but ended in the anarchist being hanged or arrested
March on Washington
Literature and History
In the last two years the Syrian people have risen up against Syria's dictatorial president
The rebels are armed and stand for what they want
The regime considers this terrorism
Throughout the war an estimated 100,000 people have died
A protest in 1963
250,000 people of different races marched
Present grievances to lawmakers
African American leaders wanted a strong federal policy to remove all discrimination in public places
Led by Martin Luther King Jr.
"he looked down upon some twenty books lying at his wife's feet"
Montag rebelled by keeping and reading books.
"slow now slow, quiet, don't turn, don't look, don't seem concerned. Walk, that's it, walk, walk."
Montag also rebelled by running from the government after murdering Beatty.
"the books were on file behind their quiet eyes, with their pages uncut for the customers who might come by in later years."
And Montag rebelled by memorizing books.
F 451 and Haymarket Riot
Were both against the government's thoughts on how society should be
Montag killed Beatty and 4 men ended up being hanged
Ending as desired
F 451 and March on Washington
The way Montag rebelled was violent and threatened his life but the March was civilized
Montag broke laws while the March on Washington just broke the status quo
Montag's flee began after he murdered Beatty but the March didn't involve murder
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