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Life Lessons/ How to Be A Man: Huckleberry Finn

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joe salesi

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Life Lessons/ How to Be A Man: Huckleberry Finn

How Twain Presents This Theme
Twain presents most of the life lessons and lessons about being a man mostly through Huck. He does this by assessing what it means to be a true man and Huck learns many life lessons throughout the novel.
"Human beings can be awful cruel to one another." (Page 230)
Modern Example
I took the ax and smashed in the door. I beat it and hacked it considerable a-doing it. I fetched the pig in, and took him back nearly to the table and hacked into his throat with the ax, and laid him down on the ground to bleed; I say ground because it was ground--hard packed, and no boards." (Twain 33)
Modern Example
Huck who doesn't want to be subjected to pap's cruel treatment any longer, and concocts an elaborate plan to fake his own death.
I took this and saw that Twain was showing that Huck was mature enough to cover his tracks and fool everyone. Learning a lesson to be able to take matters into your own hands and escape his suffering.
Life Lessons/How to Be A Man in Huckleberry Finn
Zach Werksman, Joe Salesi, Sam Costellic

Huck starts to realize that not every person is good and some do not care for others so he learns a life lesson
"What's the use you learning to do the right when its troublesome to do right and aint no trouble to do wrong, and the wages are the same" (Twain 87)
Huck questions the truth that during some occasions, doing the wrong thing may be an easier route to take than making the overall right decision.
Huck, even though he doesnt realize it, is teaching a strong life lesson that a true man never takes the wrong way out of things, no matter how easy they may be, and will work for what is right
Modern Example
How Twain Relates Theme to Audiences
Twain wants his 1884 audience to see what lessons are being taught to kids during the era in which the novel was written. He does this through the experiences of Huck as he matures into a young man.
Twain wants today's audience to see how the life lessons that Huck learns are still relevant today.
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