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author study

author studyyyy

Jamie Y

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of author study

last one
Ambiguous Endings
Ambiguous endings
Before I Fall
Before I Fall
And the reason for these endings are...??
Lauren Oliver

Early Life
Laura Schecter
, better known as

was born in 1982 in
but was raised in Westchester, Connecticut. She has a sister named Lizzie, and both parents worked as literature professors. She grew up in a house full of books, so she started reading from an early age.
She started writing when she was young and had just finished reading a book. Lauren would write a sequel to it because she thought they ended too abruptly, and didn't give her enough space to absorb the character.
Teen Life
She says she was a
teenager, from
staying out too late
to dating some questionable boys.
Lauren lives in Brooklyn right now. She enjoys:
She remembers lots of
with her
, but also remembers
, and
Before I Fall
Before I tell you some of her author's craft, I'll give you a summary about 2 of her books that I read.
Before I Fall
is about Samantha Kingston, who is a senior in high school and has everything she wants: looks, friends, a boyfriend, and popularity. The next day in her life should be a normal one, but all goes wrong in a car accident leaving a party that night. She should be completely gone, right?
She ends up coming back to Earth on the same day, and the next day, and the next day, in a total of a week. Throughout these days, she realizes what she needs to do to finally leave and stop the cycle. She learns the secret about her death, and how you don't really know when you're going to die, so you should appreciate the little things in life.
Lena Haloway lives in Portland, except her Portland isn't the same as ours today. Her Portland and her world is
a world without love.
Love is considered a
sickness or disease
called the
armor deliria nervosa.
When you turn 18, you evaluated to see what your husband is going to be. Then after, you get a surgery when love
gets taken out
of your brain, which is called the cure. When this happens, that person can't love. The police and officials have
always enforced love as a sickness,
and Lena has always believed it.
Until she meets
Alex Sheathes.
He is what they call an
, who are runaways that live in the
and don't believe that love is bad.
After seeing each other several times, Lena
falls in love
with Alex. She knows she is following all the symptoms for the
but now, she doesn't care.
even takes her to the
. With the police getting involve and her family getting suspicious, will Lena give up love?
Ambiguous Endings

ends with Lena & Alex fleeing from the police on his motorcycle. The police almost catch up to them, but Alex tells Lena to jump over the fence and he'll be trailing behind her.
But when Lena does jump, she turns around and sees Alex behind the fence with the police behind him, about to kill him. But before they do, Alex tells Lena one word:
This is the paragraph when Alex tells Lena to run.
"I run for...I don't know how long. Alex told me to run. So I run. You see, I am
just a single girl.
I am five feet two inches tall and in between in every way. But I have a
You can
build walls
all the way to the sky and I will find a way to
fly above them.
You can try to
pin me down
with a hundred thousand arms and I will find a way to
And there are many of us out there, more than you think. People who
to give in. People who
in a world without walls. People who love into hate, into refusal, against hope without fear."
This is the last line of the book.
"I love you. Remember. They cannot take it."
And then it just ENDS...leaving you saying,
"That's the end?!?!"
Before I Fall
ends with Sam (The main character) saving a friend's life by pushing her off the road from an incoming car.
This is when she finally goes to heaven.
It doesn't tell what happens to the rest of her family, her friends, or even her new boyfriend Kent...it just sort of ends...
Remember in the beginning when I said Lauren started writing when she was young and just finished a book? She would write a sequel to the book because they thought they were too 'complete'.
Here's a clip from a video on her YouTube channel that explains it.
College Life
Lauren went to
University of Chicago,
pursuing literature and philosophy, and then attended NYU's creative writing program.

She began the job of working as an
editorial assistant
at Razorbill, a small division of Penguin Books.
University of
Flirting with cute boys even though she has a fiance.
Writing in her jammies
AND dancing...a lot...
Covers for the book in order oldest to newest.
She said "Slammed the face in my door" by accident instead of "Slammed my face in the door"...HAHA.
, Lena's best friend is
According to Lena, Hana is perfect -


and has a
great future
ahead of her.
Even though they have been friends since second grade, their lifestyles and wealth are completely different, and Lena knows this. Hana's wealthy, and lives in a huge house, when Lena's the complete opposite. Sometimes this factor gets in the way of their friendship.
I really enjoyed this book. It had modern day high school scenarios that are realistic, and Lauren Oliver makes meaning and the importance of death. This book was HILARIOUS, realistic, and meaningful all in this book, which is why I loved it. I would give this book a 10/10.
I LOVED the storyline. It was the first book I have read by Lauren Oliver, and I really liked her style. Though this book has a lot of meaning, she often goes off on a random story that leaves you thinking ...what? Why was that needed? She also puts in random important quotes in almost every chapter making you over think it.
But overall, this book was very interesting. I would give it an 8/10.
I'm sorry, I just
to put this in.
Then the police capture Alex, and it is believed he
Lena & Alex fan art of them running away from the police on his motorcycle.
2nd to last paragraph
- "Floating images, moving in and out: bright
eyes and a field of
grass, a mouth saying
Sam, Sam, Sam,
making it sound like a
Three faces
blooming together
on a single stem, names ebbing away from me, a single word:

flashes, tree branches lit up like the vaulted ceiling of a
I bet you you're utterly confused right now.
Before I Fall
"A face above mine,
and beautiful, eyes as large as the

You saved me.
A hand on my cheek, cool and dry.
Why did you save me?
Words welling up a tide:
No. The opposite.
Eyes the color of a dawn sky, a crown
hair, so bright and white and blinding I could swear it was a halo."
This is the last paragraph. You can interpret it different ways.
"A rush of hatred overwhelms me. Hatred for my life, for its narrowness and cramped spaces; hatred for Hana, for leaving me behind before I was ready to be left, her
rich parents
rich life;
and underneath all those layers something else, too, some white-hot blade of unhappiness flashing in the very deepest part of me. I can't name it, but somehow that this—this other thing—makes me angriest of all."
Connections -
Before I Fall
Friendships play a
part in
Before I Fall.
Sam is part of the popular clique in high school, and most of her conflicts are about her friends.
She is super-close to her friends, and she loves them to death. (And even then.)
Sam always shares stories of Lindsey, Elody, and Ally throughout the book.
But they are also the ones who caused Sam to get into that car accident and made her relive that same day over and over again.
And in one of her days of reliving, Sam goes CRAZY. I'll show you a quote in the next slide.
Evidence -
Before I Fall
"Lindsay and Elody are all staring at me in stunned silence, but I don't stop, I can't stop, this is all Lindsay's fault, Lindsay and her stupid driving. "They could train
to drive better than you. So what? What is it? You need to prove you don't give a shit? That
you don't care about anything?

You don't care about anybody?
Tap a fender here, swipe a mirror here, oops, thank God we have our airbags, that's what bumpers are for, just keep going, keep driving, no one will ever know. Guess what, Lindsay? You don't have to prove anything.
We already know you wouldn't give a shit about anybody but yourself.
always known.
Before I Fall
"I'm thinking about all these things at Ally's house, feeling like I haven't said enough, or at all. Feeling like we've spent too much time making fun of one another or bullshitting about things that don't matter or wishing things and people were different - better, more interesting, cuter, older.
"Maybe I'm just feeling
about how quickly the summer is cycling by, but
start coming thick and fast, like a deck of cards being reshuffled in my head: Hana swinging open the bathroom door that first day in second grade, folding her arms as she blurted out,
Is it because of your mom?
"Best friends for more than ten years and in the end it all comes down to the edge of a scalpel, to the motion of a laser beam through the brain and a flashing surgical knife. All that history and its importance gets detached, floats away like a severed balloon. In two years - two months - Hana and I will pass each other on the streets with nothing more than a nod - different people, different worlds, two stars revolving silently, seperated by thousands of miles in dark space."
Continued Quote From Last Slide
Lena is describing that their friendship will be completely erased after they get cured.
This was on one of the 7 days Sam relives. This one is the fourth, and I think she is just so fed up so she takes it out on her friends. But I do believe she took it out on
because Lindsay was the driver in the car accident, so Sam is taking her anger out on Lindsay.
And the reason for friendships/break-ups are...??
In an interview, they asked her to describe herself as a teenager, and this was what she said.
"I was involved in a lot of extracurriculars in high school, so that was good. But I was also kind of a rebel, in my own way—I definitely
went to parties,

stayed out too late,
dated some questionable boys.
I remember
lots of joy
in my teenage years, especially
moments with my friends
(I had, and continued to have, a very close circle of friends); but I also remember
lots of pain,

feelings of insecurity


deep unhappiness
So I guess I was pretty typical! I wore black nail polish and painted bad poetry on my walls."
Lauren's insecurity could relate to Lena's in
. Lena is insecure about her looks compared to Hana, and also is about her wealth. She says she isn't pretty nor skinny.
Before I Fall
, the joys Lauren remembers with her circle of friends is like Sam's memories with Lindsay, Elody, & Ally,
circle of friends.
But it's hard to find a way to say it now, so instead I just laugh along while Lindsay and Elody shimmy around the kitchen and Ally frantically tries to salvage something edible from two-day-old Italian pesto and some old packaged crackers.
continued on next slide.
And when Lindsay throws her arms around my shoulders and then Ally's, and then Elody scoots around to Ally's other side, and Lindsay says, "I love you bitches to death. You know that, right?" and Elody yells, "Group hug!" I just barrel in there and put my arms around them and squeeze until Elody breaks away, laughing, and says, "If I laugh any harder I'm going to throw up."
Even though this quote was long, I love it. You can tell how much Sam appreciates her group of friends.
continued on next slide.
Ambiguous Endings
I noticed that in
Before I Fall
, the endings were very
weren't complete.
You have to use your own mind to interpret what happened next.
Ambiguous - adj. open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.
The main characters, Lena and Sam, both have a best friend or a circle of friends that have a big impact and cause
in the story.
My exact reaction.
(It's a video, play it.)
Staying up past midnight one of the few times we were ever allowed to have a sleepover, giggling and imagining amazing and impossible people for our husband matches some day, like the president of the United States or the stars of our favorite movies;
Continued Quote From Last Slide.
Continued Quote From Last Slide.
Running side by side, like the rhythm of a single heartbeat; body surfing at the beach and buying triple cones of ice cream on the way home, arguing about whether vanilla or chocolate was better."
Here's another clip of a video from Lauren's YouTube channel!
A fan asked her on
if she had/have a friend like
Before I Fall.
She also talks about how her friends did crazy stuff in high school.
Extra Tidbits and What Not!
Sam's little sister in Before I Fall is named Izzy.
Lauren has a sister is named Lizzie.
Extra Tidbits and What Not!
The cover for
Before I Fall
isn't actually a teenage girl. It's a freaking 5-year-old boy.
You're welcome for freaking you out! (:
I love this lady.
Google Images
Have a
super, fantastic, awesome, splendid, amazing, wonderful, tasty, serene, cheerful, ecstatic, great, warm, happy
“Maybe you can afford to
Maybe for you there's a
Maybe for you there's
one thousand tomorrows,
three thousand,
so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it
slide like coins
through you fingers.
So much time
you can
waste it.
But for some of us there's
only today.
And the truth is,
you never really know.

― Before I Fall
"They say the cure for
will make me safe and happy
And I've always believed them. Until now.
Now, I'd rather be
with love for the tiniest
of a second than live a hundred years smothered by a
― Delirium
You might have to higher your volume.
Before I Fall
Lena & Sam's love interests were both very
then them.
Lena's love interest, is completely different than Lena in the beginning. So is
Before I Fall.
Different Love Interests
Different Love Interests
Before I Fall
Evidence -
Difference in Love Ints.
But Lena & Sam both also
change more like
their love interest. Lena changes more like Alex and Sam changes more like Kent.
Rob, Sam's boyfriend in the beginning, rejected her in 6th grade because she wasn't cool enough.
But now in high school, Sam is popular and they're going out.
Then there's Kent, Sam's childhood friend who's always had a crush on her. She tries to ignore him because he's considered a freak.
In the beginning, Sam claims & tried to convince herself that she's happy with Rob, but she's not.
Evidence -
Difference in Love Ints.
Before I Fall
Difference in Love Int.
Sam is part of the popular clique, and in the beginning, she thinks Kent is a loser.
I mean Kent's not a loser, he's just not popular.
And at Kent's party later that day, Rob gets drunk and leaves Sam alone. And on her third day of reliving this horrible day, I think she is extremely frustrated because she goes to a private room and has a nervous breakdown. (I think she was annoying and overreacting. Crybaby.)
Kent eventually sees and comforts her before letting her stay over. And even though all of that will be vanished by the next day of reliving, she does develop feelings for Kent.
Kent = Unpopular
Sam = Popular
"I look at him. I've never understood
Or at least I haven't understood him in years. We were
super close
when we were
- technically I suppose he was my best friend as well as my first kiss - but as soon as he hit middle school, he started getting
weirder and weirder."
It's a video:)
But it's loud, so lower your volume.
This is the in the very beginning of the book when Sam is still an annoying little teenager. And I don't think Kent is the one getting weirder. I think it's Sam getting more popular and irritating.
Lena has ALWAYS believed that
and can't wait to get the cure. She wants to be safe, paired, and "happy".
And when she meets
he claims he's already been cured, even though he hasn't.
He's an
people who have ran away because they
don't believe
love is dangerous.
And when Lena finds out, she flips out. After all, Invalids are in that category with monsters, vampires, and werewolves.
Invalids have always been considered evil.
But after Lena finds out how much love gives joy, she falls in love with Alex and becomes an Invalid as well.
Evidence -
Difference in Love Ints.
"Everything from tips of my fingers through the roots of my hair now feels as if it's
encased in ice.

"It didn't work and you've been lying about it. Lying so you go still go to school, still get a job, still get paired and matched and everything. But really you're not―you're still―you might still be―" I can't bring myself to say the word.


I feel like
be sick.
This is when Alex confesses.
Evidence -
Difference in Love Ints.
In the beginning, Lena followed society's rules about how you must not love―it's an atrocious disease.
Alex is an Invalid who lives in the Wilds, he does not believe that love is a disease.
Lena & Alex
And the reasons are these are...??
She said it's boring to have a relationship in someone that's exactly like you. And that it's important that you have to develop/share/express interest in what him/her find interesting.
Both of her books have somewhat different lovers, and the main character both develop and change towards that lover.
Lauren's YouTube
Flying & Falling
Alex fell in love with Lena because she jogged everyday around the Governor's statue. HE described her as a flying bird. He also said that everyone else was sleeping, and she seemed... awake.
Before I Fall,
in the beginning of every chapter, she would describe how she is in the dark falling. And on the last day, she realizes she was just closing her eyes and that she isn't actually falling―she's flying.
Before I Fall
"And it's the funniest thing: as soon as I see it, the whistling in my ears stop and the feeling of terror drain away, and I realize this whole time I haven't been falling at all.
I've been flying."
"After what seems like forever he starts talking again, this time in a voice so quiet I have to shift nearer to him just to hear. "The first time I saw you, at the Governor, I hadn't been to watch the birds at the border for years. But that's what you reminded me of. You were jumping up, and you were yelling something, and your hair was coming loose from your ponytail, and you were so fast..." He shakes his head. "Just a flash, and then you were gone. Exactly like a bird, Lena."
Continued Quote.
"I don't know how―I hadn't intended to move and hadn't noticed moving―but somehow we've ended up face-to-face in the dark, only inches apart."
"Everyone is asleep. They've been asleep for years. You seemed... awake." Alex is whispering now. He closes his eyes, then opens them again.
Continued Quote.
And the reason for this is...??
Lauren has said that she loved
and does it to clear her mind and it makes her feel free. She also stated she loves it when she's jogging she closes her eyes, and that is when she thinks of all of her bad
decisions, sins, mistakes,
She could've used this in
and made Alex notice this when Lena jogs, like when he said she was like a bird.
When Sam from Before I Fall realizes that she's flying and not falling, she realizes it's not about saving her life, it's about saving another person's.
This is like when Lauren closes her eyes and thinks about her mistakes, both Sam & Lauren Oliver come to realizations.
Breaking the Status Quo
Status Quo: adj. The existing/current state of things
Both main characters break the
status quo.
Lena breaks it by
resisting the cure
running away
to the Wilds instead of getting cured and living in the borders. Sam breaks it by
being less of a nasty person
going out of her own way to save someone else.
If it wasn't for reliving those 7 days, she would be the same, annoying, self-centered teenager.
Breaking the Status Quo -

Before I Fall
"I have to stop at the Hunan Kitchen for a second." I tell Lindsay. I brace myself, waiting for her to freak out. "I kind of have something for Anna Cartullo."
I'm waiting for her to spaz out, but instead her face goes totally blank like the power switch has just flipped off.
When I'm about to run in, she blurts out, "Since when are you friends with
I sigh. "Look, I talked to her a couple of days ago. She's actually pretty nice."
Breaking the Status Quo -
"I know I'm part of the problem, of course. The disorientation, the distraction, the difficulty focusing―all classic Phase One signs of the
But I don't care. If pneumonia felt this good I'd stand out in the snow in the winter with bare feet and no coat on, or march into the hospital and kiss pneumonia patients."
And the reason for this is...???
In an interview, Lauren stated that there was a certain order of things at her school. (The status quo.) There were some people who would disobey it, and she would always want to be those people, but she was too scared.
And she made both her main characters break it, which is also a sign of bravery.
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