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Divergent Book Report

No description

Autumn Roecker

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Divergent Book Report

Autumn Roecker Divergent Main Characters Main Conflict Tris, is sixteen. She grew up in the faction of Abnegation, which is for the selfless people who are willing to do anything for another person, but Tris does not think she belongs there. So at the age of sixteen kids are able to switch factions and chose a faction they are going to spend the rest of their lives in. They have an aptitude test which tells them what faction they are most fit for. When Tris goes for her test she is found indecisive, she belongs in more than one faction. People like her are said to be very dangerous and they are called the divergent. Tris ends up picking the faction of dauntless where the daring people go. She goes through many personal struggles, like the other kids going into Dauntless making fun of her for being from abnegation, and she struggles with the fact that she is divergent. She also builds a relationship with her Dauntless leader named Four. While Tris is discovering herself in Dauntless there is a subplot, some Factions want to take out other factions. In the end of the book all the people in Dauntless are put under a mind control by the people of Erudite (another faction). They are forced to go take over the the other factions, since Tris is divergent the mind control does not effect her, but now she has to figure out how to gert everyone else off the mind control. Setting The story takes place in futuristic America where there are "factions" The main city it is located in was once known as Chicago Illinois. The setting is introduced in the first few chapters of the book. Quote "We are not the same, but we are somehow one." (p. 233 Roth)
Tris is saying this to the other teens in training with her. It is significant because she is explaining to them that they are came from different backgrounds and they were all raised in different ways, but now they are all in the same faction. They are one and they must accept each other as a family in Dauntless. Rate This book was one of the best books I have read. I give it a 10/10. The reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was a fast pace book that got my attention right away. I also liked the futuristic aspect of it. Personal Connection My personal connection to the book was through the names of the characters. My middle name is Beatrice, and that's also the name of the main character. There is also a character names Tori which is my sister's name. It was cool reading and thinking of people I knew when I read the book. The other thing I connected to was the setting in futuristic Chicago. The author mentions many places that I have been to like Navy Pier and the Sears Tower. Veronica Roth Protagonists Antagonists Relation To Romeo and Juliet Beatrice Prior- Beatrice Prior is 16 and the main character.
She later changers her name to Tris. Throughout the book she is struggling to find where she fits in.

Four- This is Tris's trainer when she is in the Dauntless faction. He is a hard working, sort of cold hearted character who doesn't really seem to care about anything but the Dauntless faction, but we later find out he is a very kind hearted person who really cares about Tris.

Tris's Parents- Loving parents who care very much for Tris and are happy with whatever faction their children choose.
Christina, Tori, and other friends in Dauntless- All good people who help Tris out when she needs it.\

Christina, Uriah, Will- All good trustworthy friends to Tris. In-between Caleb- Caleb is Tris's brother. He is in-between because he is a good person, but he betrays the family by going to the Erudite faction when he is sixteen. This is the faction that the Abnegation don't get along with and he is originally from Abnegation.

Marcus Eaton- is Four's dad. He is the leader of Abnegation and seems like a good person, but when Four was little his dad would beat and abuse him.

Al- a friend of Tris who turns against her and later tries to kill her. Jeanie Mathews- Head of Erudite. Want to take over the other factions.

Erudite People- The faction of Erudite is very against the other factions and wants to take over all the other factions.

Peter- A boy from Erudite who is in training with Tris. He is very cruel to her and hates her just because she is from Abnegation,

This related to Romeo and Juliet because throughout the book Tris and Four build a relationship and eventually fall in love. They have to stay secretive about it because Four is Tris's trainer so they can't have people think that Four is playing favorites because hes dating Tris. So just like Romeo and Juliet they must keep their love a secret otherwise other people around them will get angry.
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