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Gulliver's Travels

No description

Daniel Head

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels
Alissa Moody, Daniel Head, Payton Knight, Megan Benjamin
Buildings, Possessions, Property, Tools
Thesis: The yahoo society in Gulliver's Travels is superior to the Houyhnhnm society in the areas of Building, Possessions, Property, and Tools due to their better availability of knowledge and resources.
Houyhnhnm Buildings
They build houses and huts
"...Long kind of building, made of timber, stuck in the ground, and wattled across; roof was low, and covered with straw."
Huts are made crude and simple
How do they get the wood?
Gulliver's Yahoo Tools
Humans use a variety of tools for everyday use.
weapons for war
bridle, saddle, spur, whip, harness, and wheel
Gulliver's knife
Gulliver's Yahoo Tools cont.
Unlike the Houyhnhnm Yahoos, Gulliver's Yahoos do not use their anatomy as a tool.
"...my real disadvantage in point of strength, speed, and activity, the shortness of my claws, and other particulars..."
Houyhnhnm's Yahoo Tools
The Yahoos on the island use their claws for defense and their thick hair for protection.
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Houyhnhnm's Tools
Most of their tools come from nature.
flint and wood cutting tool
The fetlock is also a tool that is apart of their anatomy.
Houyhnhnm possessions
Cows & Oats
Yahoo Possessions
Shining stones
Clothing (including shoes & gloves)
Gulliver's Journal
Houyhnhnm Yahoo Buildings
There are some that live in huts near the Houyhnhnms
In Chapter 8 it says that Gulliver went to visit Yahoos in "Neighborhoods"
"Nature hath taught them to dig deep holes with their nails on the side of rising ground..."

St. Pauls Cathedral, London
Queens House in Greenwich
Gulliver's Yahoos Property
Early 1700s England
Houyhnhnm Property
Houyhnhnm Island
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Who is superior and why?
Gulliver's Yahoo's Buildings/Homes

Most made out of wood
Fire of London 1666
Plain and basic furniture
Two main types
Baroque (Barocco)
Garry Knight .
St. Pauls Cathedral
. 2012. London. By Garry Knight.
Begum, Shapa.
17th Century Queens House
. 2012. Greenwich.
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