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Group 14: Carbon Group.

No description

6th Period

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Group 14: Carbon Group.

Group 14: Carbon Group. Kalei Wilson, Bailey Stahnke, Emily Ruzhitsky * Each of the elements in this group has 4 electrons.

* Except for Ge and Fl all of the elements are familiar in daily life!

* Reactivity varies among elements.

* Solid at room temperature.

* The group contains one nonmetal, two metalloids, and two metals. 5 Characteristics Arnold Schwarzenegger is like the carbon group, he is solid at room temperature. Simile. Making pencils, diamonds, steel, paint pigments, plastics, tire colourant, and controls nuclear reactions, also is used in "Carbon Dating" Uses for Carbon Uses for Silicon - used in glass as silicon dioxide, also used as a semiconductor in microchips, and used in solar cells, tools, cement, LCDs, grease, and oils
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