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The Effect of different liquids on surface tension

No description

Jill Blumberg

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The Effect of different liquids on surface tension

The Effect of Different Liquids on Surface Tension An experiment by Jill Blumberg,
Alina Hedberg, and Jesse Reynolds Independent Variable:
Different Liquids Dependent Variable:
Surface Tension Control: Room
temperature water Procedure: 1. place wax paper on table
2. put drop sized amount of liquid on paper using dropper
3. place tip of dropper in center of puddle and slowly drag tip of dropper around wax paper
4. observe effects of liquid on wax paper.
5. repeat process with different liquids Materials: Hypothesis: If you add hot water to the wax paper, then it will have the highest surface tension. Unique Property of Water Exhibited:
Cohesion Cohesion gives water high surface tension (water has a "skin" that bugs can walk on) How Properties of Water Are Causing What Is Seen: Cohesion is what cause the drops of water on the wax paper. Opposites attract so the wax on the paper is attracting the opposite side of the water molecules. Data: If different liquids are dragged on wax paper, Dr. Pepper has the highest apparent surface tension. This is determined through observation, on that the liquid capsule moved together over the wax paper. Only ocasionally did it break into two or three different capsules. It most likely has higher surface tension than water because it has some other chemicals with higher polarity in their molecules. What is Cohesion? Dr. Pepper Sprite Grape Juice Rubbing Alcohol Room
Water Hot Water
(100 degrees Celsius) Eyedropper Hot Plate Thermometer Wax Paper Paper Towels Dr. Pepper Sprite Grape Juice Rubbing Alcohol Water and
Beakers Conclusion: Drawing of what the drop of Dr. Pepper looked like after being spread around with the eye dropper. Thanks for watching
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