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Psychological Disorders of the Hulk and Iron Man

Favorite childhood heros, full of disorders

Kenzie Bierig

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Psychological Disorders of the Hulk and Iron Man

Favorite childhood hero,
full of disorders The Incredible Hulk Intermittent Explosive Disorder About the Hulk Bruce Banner was a scientist for the military, he was developing a gamma bomb for military use. However, he is not only a scientist, but a monster is disguise. Intermittent Explosive Disorder, IED, is a behavioral expression of extreme aggression, uncontrollable rage, disproportionate to the actual situation.
It is in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
It is an impulse control disorder.
It is a part of Axis 1 in the DSM-IV.
Usually, when someone has this disorder it will usually be present with another disorder, Bipolar Disorder. Treatment for Intermittent Explosive Disorder Causes of IED Low concentrations of 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid.
These substances act on the superchiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus which is in charge of the serotonin output. Without the serotonin the brain will not maintain a circadian rhythm and regulate blood
Low Serotonin turnover rate in the brain.urnout r
Increased amount of Insulin in the body.
Most patients diagnosed with IED have a genotype for a serotonin precursor. Prognosis Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy will help the patient be recognize the impulses and reach a higher level of awareness of the disorder. Also, it will help the patient learn how to control the urges of extreme emotions, and help alleviate stress. The medical regiments will help the patient because the regiments will give the body the chemicals and substances that it needs to become well. Causes of Avoidant
Personality Disorder Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy
Psychotropic Medications
Cognitive Relaxation and Coping Skills Therapy
Relaxation Training
Cognitive Restructuring
Exposure Therapy
Tricyclic Anti-depressants
Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors Avoidant Personality
Disorder Mental health condition that causes a person to feel patterns of shyness, inadequacy, and be sensitive to rejection. The cause of this disorder is unknown.
However, there are theories that suggest that
biological, environmental, social factors
may contribute to this disorder. Treatment for Avoidant Personality
Disorder Psychotherapy
Anti-depressants will reduce sensitivity to rejection.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Therapy will help the patient learn and understand their emotions and thoughts. Constant thoughts of oneself shortcomings
Choose to be lonely rather than make relationships in fear of rejection
Be easily hurt when people criticize or disapprove of them
Hold back too much in intimate relationships Be reluctant to become involved with people
Avoid activities or jobs that involve contact with others
Be shy in social situations out of fear of doing something wrong
Make potential difficulties seem worse than they are
Hold the view they are not good socially, not as good as other people, or unappealing Symptoms of Avidant Personality Disorder Prognosis Psychodynamic Therapy will help the patient be able to help the patient learn and understand their thoughts and feelings about themselves and be able to overcome them,, by woring with a therapist. The therapist will be able to help the patient be able to cope with their feelings and learn to form realtionships, etc. The anti-depressant medications may help the patient with the sensitivity and fear of rejection in relationships and in life. By: Kenzie Bierig

2nd Period Iron Man Tony Stark was a rich and famous manufacturer and sellor of weapons. While in the desert testing a weapon of his, a land mine went off and a piece of it went into his body near his heart. So, the iron man suit was made to help sustain his heart and keep him alive, thus, Iron Man was born. Narcissistic Personality
Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder is when a person is described as being overconcerned about oneself's adequacy, power, prestige, and vanity. Also called, Megalomania.
Linked to egocentrism Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder The causes of NPD are unknown; however, medical professionals have theories that NPD may be caused by biological, medical, or social factors. Symptoms of NPD Reacting to critisism with anger, rage, or humiliation
Taking advantage of others
Obsession with oneself
Trouble keeping healthy relationships
Needs "the best" of everything
Exaggerating important, achievments, and talents
Imagining unrealistic fantasies
Needs constant attention and positive reinforcement Treatment of NPD Schema Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Group Therapy Prognosis Behavioral Therapy will help a narcissist overcome their feelings of superiority and help them with their narcissistic thoughts and reach a realistic self-image of themselves. Seeking help is great for the patient; however, rarely do people seek help. About Iron Man Symptoms of
Alcoholism Alcoholism Causes of Alcoholism A disorder that causes a person to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, uncontrollably, usually to detriment health, relationships, or social ranks. Cirrosis of the liver
Heart failure
Alcohol Dementia
Sexual Disfunction
Skeletal Fragility
Cardiovascular Disease
Breast Cancer
Alcohol Dependence
Lack of personal relationships
Loneliness Genetic and evironmental settings can influence this disease.
Expression of genes may cause a increased risk of alcohol dependence
Childhood trauma
Lack of social support Treatment of Alcoholism Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Motivational Interventions
Marital, family, and group therapies
Open meeting with people who are accepting, and with no judgemnt Prognosis If the patient seeks cognitive and behaviroal therapy and counciling they will gradually get better because the therapist will be able to talk through the patients wants, urges and help reduce the patients want for alcohol, also, they will be taught to understand their thoughts and behaviors and realize that they are wrong and learn to cope and be responsible and learn to moderate their behaviors and compulsions. Symptoms of IED several episodes of impulsive behavior that result in serious damage to either persons or property
the degree of the aggressiveness is disproportionate to the circumstances
the violence cannot be better accounted for by another mental or physical medical condition. GAF Scale Number The Hulk would be a 0 on the GAF Scale because his anger and rage are uncontrollable and he turns violent extremely rapidly The
Number The GAF number for the Hulk would be a 20 because he is very shy and fears rejection because of his lack of self-confidence due to the disorder. The GAF Scale Number The GAF Number of Iron Man would be a 30; he
constantly looks to alcohol for help with life. He looks to alcohol to cope with life and to cover up or "get rid" of his problems he has with his life's stress.
Alcohol also gives Iron Man a feeling of extreme strength because it perverts his thinking and twists his view of his actual self-image. The GAF Scale Number The GAF Number of Iron Man would be a 10 because he is extremely narcissistic.
For example, he does not hide his identity from the public because he wants the recognition for his services as a super hero. If the patient attends a
meeting of people
with the same
problem, they will
feel accepted
and be able to cope
with their
problem and open up
about their

The medication
that the patient
may be given may help
reduce depression. Hulk has all of the symptoms above. The hulk has the symptoms highlighted in green. Iron Man has the symptoms highlighted in yellow. Iron Man has the symptoms highlighted in yellow.
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