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The Twilight Fan Prezi

The start of my online campaign to convert more people to Twihardism (Twilight related tattoos are not compulsory religious requirements). I love Twilight!! :cD

Milly Olifent

on 2 July 2010

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Transcript of The Twilight Fan Prezi

Twilight! Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn The Books! The Movies! Twilight New Moon Eclipse and Breaking Dawn coming soon! By Stephenie
Meyer Twilight
When Bella Swan moves to
Forks, little did she realise
that she would meet Edward
Cullen, a boy with a dark
secret. He's a vampire... Eclipse
Soon after Edward's
return, Bella finds herself
in danger from another
vampire, one who isn't so
friendly with humans. But
there are rivalries between
Edward and Jacob... Breaking Dawn
On her honeymoon with Edward,
Bella couldn't be happier, but her
happiness is shattered when she realises she is pregnant. And when
Jacob and the werewolves find out, there's trouble... New Moon
Devastated at the loss
of her vampire boyfriend,
Edward, Bella begins to
form a friendship with
Jacob Black...
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