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The Witch Hunter

No description

Kaosi Unini

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of The Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter
by Virgina Boecker
a prezi by Kaosi Unini
Elizabeth Grey is a witch hunter sentenced to burn at the stake for possesion of witches herbs. Ironic, isn't it?
Laying in her cell dying, she thinks of fellow witch hunter Caleb's promise to get her out of jail. That had been a week ago. Suddenly, sound erupts from nearby cells, signaling someone is drawing near.
In front of her stands Nicholas Peveril, the most wanted wizard in all of the hold. Elizabeth struggles to get away from him, but he subdues her with a single utterance. Scooping her up in his long arms, they race out of the prison and into the sewers.
Rate? 10/10 wizard spells
Towards the end of this book, Elizabeth's world really gets turned upside down. Her world begins to fall apart as all she was taught turns out to be lies.
Witches. Wizards. Seers. Astrologers. Healers. All practitioners of magic. All eligible to burn at the stake.
A few days later, Elizabeth learns that Nicholas is under a curse, and a powerful one at that. With the aid of a few young magic prodigies, Elizabeth sets out to find the cure, even if she does it only to conceal her true identity.
The Witch Hunter
She was immediately thrown into jail, awaiting the next burning day with dread. As days crawl by, Grey is struck with jail fever, a sweating sickness.
Elizabeth draws herself up as the figure of a tall man frames her cell door. He mutters some incomprehensible jargon and the door falls off its hinges.
That Elizabeth is a witch hunter!
Who is the protagonist and what qualities did he or she have?
Elizabeth is a strong willed young woman who has gone through a lot of troubling things. She is very adaptable and has a tough yet innocent charm to her.
What lingering questions and thoughts did the book leave you with?
Will there be another book? What happened to Caleb? Will Elizabeth continue to lie to her new-found friends?
Lovers of fantasy and medieval magic will devour this book!
I recommend this book to 8th - 9th graders due to some mature content.
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