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The Inuit

No description

Veronica Luu

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of The Inuit

The Inuit

Famous Leaders
Food preparation
Family Structure
Social Organization
By Veronica, Arianne, Jesse, Dylan and Paarth
The housing for the Inuit Tribe is Igloos.
Snow - soft but hard, most available building material.
Building an Igloo, best to use snow from the same snowstorm.
Small Igloo's - 1 hour to make, used for hunting and a couple of nights. Large Igloo's - can house a family up to 6 weeks.
Believed everything has a soul, even objects
Honoring animal spirits was important
Spirits controlled every aspect of the environment {e.g: Sedna, the goddess of the Sea, controlled sea mammals}
When an animal was killed, it had to be treated with respect so that it might once again offer itself to the hunter
Hunted - sea animals eg; seals, walrus, whales and fish.
Sea animals provided - oil, thread, skin, clothing, boots, storage containers, tools and covering for tents and boats.
In winter - searched for seal breathing holes.
In spring - watch for the seals basking.
In summer - hunt on kayaks for seals.
A popular pass-time in the inuit culture is that 2 teams of 5 players clapped and sang while squatting and jumping around the room the team with the last upright player wins.

stick ball - game where two teams use sticks to hit a leather ball into their opponents net.

kickball - children would hang up a ball on on a high post and lay on their backs and tried to kick it.
Cook from a soapstone - fueled from blubber and oil.
Single Bowhead whale - provides a community with tons of meat.
Use a knife called a LuLu to prepare their meat.
Drink from cups made from horns of musk oxen.
Fish - ate frozen or raw.
Trees are rare, mostly flat land covered in snow
Long cold winters, cool short summers
Summer almost 24hr of daylight
Winter sun doesn't rise over horizon
Ice and deep snow most of the year
Fierce winds all year
Mealtimes not scheduled, ate whenever
Didn't do hour by hour organization
Told stories through song and dance
Sharing tasks and responsibilities, basis of community life
Mother took care of household
Head/Oldest hunted/fished for family
Centered way of life around family
Household usually consist of: Husband, Wife, 2-3 children etc.
Every family had it head, leader or particularly respected man
Most Inuit marriages not official until they had a child
Adoption common and permanent
How the Environment affects Housing:
The temperature is rising causing the Arctic ice to melt and the snow to not fall. This is making it hard for the Inuit tribe to find a designated area to live.
How the Environment affects their Food
The environment is affecting the Inuit's food by the temperature rising so that it is melting the Arctic ice and not having snow falling. The Inuit Tribes are running out of bears to hunt, which means less food for them to eat.
When the Inuit first came to north America they had dogs- they used them to pull sleds full of goods and/or people.
The inuits had two types of boats kayaks and umiaks- umiaks were large open boats (about 2.5 m wide and 7-10 m long and used for longer travel. kayaks were smaller wooden frame boats made for on person.
How the environment is affecting their hunting:
The environment is affecting the way the Inuit Tribes hunt is by the temperature rising and melting the Arctic ice and snow from falling down. It is becoming dangerous for the Inuits to hunt for animals. as there is no consistent places to hunt without falling into the freezing cold water.
Sealskin was used for summer clothing; Caribou skin was used for winter clothing
General outfit consisted of a parka {hooded jacket}, trousers or leggings, socks, boots and mittens.
Young girls were taught to sew by their mothers.
How the environment affects their way of Transportation:
Carving was practiced by many Inuit
Shows scenes, such as dancing and hunting
Amulets, common carvings, bring good luck and ward off evil
The transportation was affected because the ice and snow made it difficult to travel long distances so they had to make sleds that could be dragged by a pack of dogs.

they were surrounded by large bodies of water that's why they made kayaks and umiaks to help them get places.
To the Inuit, any type of ‘government’ was completely unknown
Their community was made up of groups called ‘bands’.
All members of a band were either related by blood or marriage,
Each band hunted and fished in separate areas.
Some of the larger bands were named after their biggest settlement with “miut” (meaning “The People of”)

Salmon was usually dried on a hill where plenty of wind would reach or smoke-cured in a smokehouse.
Salmon could also be roasted or pounded into a course powder, where the powder was mixed with salmon oil and Saskatoon berries to make pemmican.
Dried salmon was cooked in a watertight basket, which is where water was poured into a basket, and then hot rocks from the fire would be placed in the water.
To extract fish oil from the salmon, the fish was boiled in pits until the oil rose to the surface and could be skimmed off.
The oil was stored for the winter and used for dipping food in.
Fresh fish would be cleaned and fins, backbone, and head would be removed.
A spreader was used to hold the fish flat while a stick was inserted to the tail to hang the fish. Salmon eggs where either eaten fresh or dried.
How the Environment Affects their Clothing
The environment affected the Inuit way of dressing because they live up in the North and are surrounded by water and it's really cold over there. In the winter, they sew and wear warmer clothes and in the summer, they sew and wear thinner-layer clothes.
How the Environment Affects their Art
The environment affected their way of art because most of their art was based on the environment {e.g: hunting, animals} and they used materials like tree bark, antler, bone and walrus ivory.
Didn't do hour by hour organization like we do, instead they did what they wanted whenever they felt like it was necessary
How the Environment affected their Customs
How did the Environment Affect Food preparation
The Inuit would smoke a lot of the fish they cause so it would last a long time. They would also preserve food they got.
How did the Environment affect their Social Organization
When hunting they would often go together with different families in a large group and individuals would help each other out and share the wealth
How the environment affected the inuit sports and pastimes
The inuit sports and pastimes were affected by the environment because they didn't have many resources so they had to make do with what they had.
How the Environment affects their family structure
Didn't have too many children due to harsh conditions, supported other families when they needed help. Families also adopted children from other families.
How the environment affects storytelling and legends
Most of the stories in the inuit culture are based on the northern lights and if that didn't exist they would hardly have as many legends as they do.

Harold Cardinal
Government tried to eliminate Aboriginal Peoples rights,
In response Harold wrote ‘The Unjust Society’.
His book forced the government to reconsider their plan.
Harold won the National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2000.

Dr. Frank Calder
Calder was the first Aboriginal Cabinet Minister in 1972.
He led many Aboriginal organizations
In 1988 he was made officer of the Order of Canada.
He received a National Aboriginal Achievement Award For Lifetime Achievement.

there is one story about a lady who was impregnated by a dog and her father was not happy so the dog and the lady tried to kill him.
The point Barrow Eskimos were the only inuit people that thought the aurora boreales an evil thing.
most Inuit people believe that the northern lights are there ancestors playing.
Thanks for Watching!
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