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Case Study

No description

Hasnain Zoeb

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Case Study

2. Explain why NIVEA used football sponsorship to help increase its sales of
NIVEA FOR MEN products.
The use of football sponsorship is a key element to increase the sales of NIVEA for MEN.
They supported players to build a positive relation with men, and hence football being one of the most famous sports in the world, sponsoring and hosting football events can build a positive relation with the customers as well.
This also helps to create stronger brand affinity for NIVEA FOR MEN among men. Because it allowed the brand to build and maintain a consistent dialogue with men, which helps to increase the sales.
3. Using the case study, put together a SWOT analysis of NIVEA’S position just before the re launch of NIVEA FOR MEN.

An overview of the case study
This case study basically guides us as to how NIVEA developed its marketing plan.
How did they plan its new relaunch of the product.
How they used the market research data to reposition themselves by setting out SMART objectives.
Key Terms Used:
Marketing plan
: A plan to
identify and then meet consumers’
Case Study
What type of marketing strategies contributed towards its success.
How effectively NIVEA used the promotional strategies, both above-the-line and below-the-line.
It was already the leading facial cream brand in the UK.
They had a very stable and sound financial background to support the relaunch keeping any kind of contingencies in mind.
Their research and development was quite advanced and was highly skilled for the job. They were also the innovators for non-alcoholic facial cream.
Group Members:
The general end purposes
towards which an organization
focuses its activities.
The end purposes
that an organization or individual
seeks to achieve.
External influences:
beyond the control of the business
that affect its performance and
shape its market. These are a
combination of social, legal,
political, economic, environmental
and technological factors.
Business plan:
describes the
future activities of the business,
across financial, production, and
resourcing issues.
A name, symbol or design
used to identify a specific product
and to differentiate it from its
SWOT analysis:
and evaluation of the strengths
and weaknesses inside a firm and
the opportunities and threats in its
external environment.
Return on investment:
return on the funds invested in the
money that is earned in
trade or business, after paying the
costs of producing and selling
goods and services.
SMART objectives:
for constructing objectives in a way
that meets a business aim.
Marketing strategies:
Long term
plans designed to enable an
organization to identify and meet
the wants and needs of its
Making products
and services better known through
a range of activities.
Above-the-line promotions:
Direct expenditure on advertising,
such as for a TV commercial.
Below-the-line promotions:
Indirect expenditure on promotion,
such as through free gifts, PR or
Brand affinity:
How well
customers identify with the brand.
A systematic process
that seeks to determine the worth,
value or meaning of something.
Key performance indicators:
Financial and non-financial
measures to monitor performance
across a range of activities within a
function, department or role.
1. Describe two pieces of data that NIVEA used when preparing its marketing plan to
relaunch NIVEA FOR MEN.
NIVEA prepared its marketing plan with the idea of relaunching their product with a new market image to increase its market shares.
They used:
research data based on their sale trends and analyzed the brand's position in the market. By this they realized that their target market is not only based on men but women as well.
SMART objectives to direct the marketing strategies on a more specific ground by forecasting the sales over the coming years and setting their aims to meet them.
Product range was limited.
Distribution had its flaws. No outlets were there for NIVEA for men, instead the products were sold with other women products.
There was already an increasing trend in the use of male skin care products.
Men were becoming more open towards using skin care products as a result of the changes in the social attitude.
There was rising competition in the market as the overall demand was rising.
Consumers were becoming more knowledgeable about the pricing and started to expect more discounts and promotions from the company.
4. Discuss how effective you think the marketing plan for NIVEA FOR MEN has been.
NIVEA FOR MEN adopted a range of key performance indicators to assess the success
of the NIVEA FOR MEN re-launch in the UK. It looked at:

Market share
- NIVEA FOR MEN is market leader in many countries and is consistently
gaining additional market share.

Overall sales
- Internationally NIVEA FOR MEN skincare products grew by almost 20%. Its sales in the UK market at retail in 2008 were nearly
£30 million and in line with expectations.

Brand Image Ratings
- NIVEA FOR MEN was the Best Skincare Range winner in the
FHM Grooming Award 2008 for the fifth year running. This award was voted for by
consumers. It illustrates that NIVEA FOR MEN has an extremely positive brand image with
consumers compared to other brands.

Product Innovation
- In response to consumer feedback and following extensive product
innovation and development, the NIVEA FOR MEN range has been expanded and the
existing formulations improved.
Thank You!
Questions will be appreciated :)
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