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Key benefits of Nursing Informatics to nursing application

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Erika Ocampo

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Key benefits of Nursing Informatics to nursing application

Benefits: Benefits: Decision Support
Decision support module can be added to nursing information systems, and they provide prompts and reminders, along with guides to disease linkages between signs and symptoms , online access to medical resources can also be made available. Clinical Data Integration
Data and information can be stored to other department with proper authority, these data and information can also be access by other entity and can be retrieved, viewed and analyzed by nursing staff and then integrated into a patient’s care plan. Better care planning
Time spent on care planning is reduced, while the quality of what is recorded is improved. This makes for complete care plans and more complete assessments and evaluations.
- Nursing Informatics Book. Benefits Work lists to remind staff of planned nursing interventions
Computer generated client documentation
Monitoring devices that record vital signs and other measurements directly intothe client record (electronic medical record)
Computer - generated nursing care plans and critical pathways
Automatic billing for supplies or procedures with nursing documentation " Key benefits of nursing informatics to nursing application" Patient Charting Patient Charting
Nursing assessments, care plan and nursing notes can be entered into the automated system with the graphical user interface.
The data are the stored in a central repository system such as data warehouse for enhance retrieval and accessibility of the data needed.
These data are then translated into information via statistical information system that is embedded in the system. Optimal Operation Of hospital and Clinic
Better drug administration, nursing staff scheduling, wards and rooms monitoring,patient profiling and patient mapping,billing details. " what are the key benefits of Informatics to nursing application" " Connects the world" " Connects Healthcare providers" Nurse " Doctor" Connects Healthcare Provider " patient" Reminders and prompts that appear during documentation to ensure comprehensive charting
Automated staff scheduling
E-mail for improved communication
Cost analysis and finding trends for budget purposes
Quality assurance and outcomes analysis
Computerized record-keeping
Computerized-assisted instruction
Interactive video technology
•Distance Learning-Web based courses and degree programs
Internet resources-CEU's and formal nursing courses and degree programs
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