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What is Hanukah

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Laura Flanagan

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of What is Hanukah

What is Hanukah
What do we eat during Hanukah
Traditional hanukah foods are:
Potato Latkes, potatos latkes are like a pancake but made with potato's.
guilt, guilt is a yummy chocolate coin that you can use to pay the game dreidles.
Last is Sufganiots, sufganiots is a jelly filled donut with any flavoring you want
how to celebrate Hanukah
To celebrate Hanukah you can...
Play a tradional Israeli game called dreidal. Dredial is a spinner with 4 hebrew letters on it, gimel, hay, shin, and nun. If you get gimel then you get all the Hanukah gelt. If you get hay then you have to put all your gelt in the middle and if you get shin you get half the pile and nun you don't get any gelt. Another way is to open a present every night of
Hanukah. You also light one candle on each night of Hanukah.
Hanukah is a festival of lights for jewish people which lasts 8 nights. Hanukah is a festival that is a celebration of a re dedication of the temple after it's destruction by the Serians. It is celebrated by on candle on the Hanukkah every night.
What is a Hanukkah
A Hanukkah is a nine candle holder one candle is lite for each night of Hanukah. There are 9 candles on the Hanukkah but there is only 8 nights how is that possible? The ninth candle is called the shamas. You use the shamas to light all of the other candles after you lite the shamas. Shamas is also known as the tall middle candle.

Thank you for listening
We hope we gave you enough information about

Have a good week
What is Hanukah?
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