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Frantic Assembly

No description


on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Frantic Assembly

What is Frantic?
Frantic Assembly creates thrilling and unforgettable theater.

The company aims to attract audiences with work that reflects attendant affairs and culture.

In addiction to its productions, Frantic Assembly operates various types of training programs including devising workshops.

Frantic Assembly’s unique physical style combines movement, design, music and text.
Devise Techniques

Frantic Assembly's commonly used conventions are mostly physical theater as they class itself as a "Physical Theater Company", however they do utilize music and stage designs to convey their stories.

As a part of the collaboration, music is a massive inspiration for the creators of Frantic Assembly that is said to be a really helpful tool in getting the creators on track of the creation process.

What makes Frantic Assembly so inspiring is the fact that they are so dedicated into education. The resources and courses they have for their students even developed into academic establishments, giving more opportunities for people to seek knowledge and experience.
Other than that, the risks
that they take for their
company shows their
own dedication to
theater, leading it to be
extremely inspiring.
Application of techniques
Back when my group and I were planning our devised piece, a lot of us said that music inspired us and from this research task, I have a better understanding and idea on how we could use these inspirations to bring up new concepts and ideas for our piece. Other than that, something from this research also taught me that a piece of drama can always be improved, fixed or changed until it has to be performed. Nothing has to be in where it is right now and collaborating with my group members would help us bring our work to a bigger extent.
By conducting this research on Frantic Assembly, I was able to identify the different techniques used by the famous English physical theater that I strongly believe would help me build my ideas around my group's devised piece. For example, the use of improvisation in Frantic Assembly's plays made a huge impact on the final piece in terms of the reflection on contemporary culture and my understanding helps me decided whether or not by expanding out ideas can maybe bring out the bigger picture to our audience, building us a stronger connection.
Devised Theater
Devised theater is a form of theater that does not include a script originated from a script writer or director.

These type of plays are similar to improvisational theater.

The improvisation is mostly confined within the creation process and the piece comes out in a fixed form.

Devised performances are currently recognized by the performing arts company.
Devised theater - Frantic Assembly
By Prima lo y10 joy
Frantic Assembly's work are usually based on the current events, which makes their plays more socially aware where they might be a political context in their work. One example of this would be "Othello", a play which was heavily influenced by the Race Riot back in 2001. This influence has an impact on not only the story but also the setting that is in a West Yorkshire Pub. It is understandable that the inspirations of a play comes from different objects and people as well as thoughts and this is exactly where physical theater is used to convey stories of all kind.
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