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Ender's Game: hero

Analyzed as a Hero's Journey

Sophia Taczak

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Ender's Game: hero

The Hero's Journey Miraculous
Birth Initiation Atonement Withdrawal Resurrection
Rebirth Descent
Underworld Trial and
Conquest Death the hero’s birth is out of the ordinary the hero’s birth cannot be explained the hero has some natural ability or experience that separates him from others the hero withdraw from family and/or community for meditation & preparation final separation from hero’s known world showing his/her willingness to undergo transformation a series of trials, tasks or ordeals the hero must undergo to begin the transformation the hero becomes despondent and experiences a loss of hope can be miraculous or unusual often the hero is dismembered the hero becomes despondent and experiences a loss of hope the hero must struggle with “death”, often in a sense of fear and guilt the hero discovers hope for a new life, often with the help of a female the hero returns to “earth” and confronts & overcomes death and the fear of death, usually physically the hero symbolizes eternity and immortality the hero often ascends to heaven or a similar state of perfection, perhaps being made into a god Ender is a Third
Government gave special permission for his birth
Ender may be the savior of "Human kind"
Every time Ender "promotes"
Ender was "reborn" when he finds the "message" left by the Formics (Buggers) Ender may have genius level intelligence
He had the monitor on longer
Ender's reasons for fighting
Ender has a gift for strategy
Ender is a balance of ruthlessness and compassion
"killing" Bonzo
Ender gets a guide/ mentor in Mazer Rackham Ender leaves Earth on a space ship
Ender escaped from Peter; he misses Valentine
Ender promotes from launch group early
All the kids were pulled away from their childhood
Ender stops playing the battle school's game
The trip to Eros
Ender leaves to help the colonial movement Physically defeats a superior opponent
He keeps outsmarting the "Mind Game"
eventually, Ender wins every task set before him
Defeat the buggers in "simulation"
In order to be successful, Ender had to sacrifice his friendships Ender gets emotional torn apart by Graff's Tricks
Ender gets ripped apart within the " Mind Game"
Ender keeps "losing" friends
Ender goes into a vegetative state after he realizes he committed Xenocide Ender loses hope about seeing his family
Stops caring about his life and his prupose
literal descent to Earth is loaded symbolism
"Fairyland" may also be a metaphor for underworld
Major wars break out on Earth and micro-versions of the same war break out on Eros after the Formics are destroyed Ender agrees to return to Battle school
Reunites with Valentine
Ender gets unlimited chances to keep playing the "Mind Game"
Ender becomes a "hired hand" at the station
Ender self imposes his exile Ender gets a chance to bring the Formics (buggers) back
Ender becomes "The Speaker of the Dead":Ender tries to reconcile with Peter
Ender devotes his life o educating humans about the Formics before he brigs them back (the Hivequeen and the Hegemon)
Ender becomes a leader in times of peace
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