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Topic Sentences

An assignment for Mrs. Durand's Language Arts class

Lesley Hernandez

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Topic Sentences

Hope you learned a lot! Keep on writing! Creating better and more sophisticated topic sentences by using these helpful tips. Take your planning paper and burrito fold it. Select your "strong, action" verb first. Then write it in the center column, and fill in the other columns. The action verb shows the position of the essay. Power statements, are used as topic sentences, they contain number words. The number words are the focus point of the sentence. To point out your position-what you plan to prove or explain. Power (Number) Statements Prepositions are words that show the relationship of one word to another word in a sentence. Prepositions do not stand alone. They are always used in a phrase: Without funding, Throughout the country, Before an election.
The prepositional phrase in a topic sentence introduces your occasion. The rest of the sentence shares your position. Prepositional Phrase Topic Sentences Created by: Alexi Dong
and Lesley Hernandez Action Verb Topic Sentences FANBOY topic sentences FANBOYS are all the coordinating conjunctions. They are For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So. Remember when using FANBOYS you must put a comma in front of it. Examples: I hate Mondays, so of course the best day is Friday since it is the start of the weekend. Examples: The best invention in history is the microphone because it allows you to AMPLIFY your voice. Conjunctive Adverb Topic Sentences Conjunctive adverbs are used to divide the independent clauses (complete ideas) in a compound sentence. This type of sentence has two parts. When you write a topic sentence, think of the first clause as your occasion- your reason for writing. Think of the second clause as your position- what you plan to prove or explain. To write it you need to put a semicolan in front of the conjunctive adverb and a comma after it. To + a verb
Examples: To procure a good grade in Language Arts, you must use good topic sentences. Examples: Hedgey the Hedgehog and Tom love to play outside; in fact, their favorite game is softball. Now you try: GO ON QUIZLET Example: Due to their high level of intelligence they were moved up to the advanced class in the middle of the semester. http://quizlet.com/22678869/topic-sentences-flash-cards/ Topic Sentences: The adventures
of Tom and Hedgey A topic sentence is located at the beginning sentence of a paragraph in an essay. They retell the reader what the essay is about. You need one for every new paragraph. To make the essay more interesting you want to use various types including
the ones we are about to mention..... Examples: Even though numerous students think uniforms are bad, I personally think they are good for a school. Especially since it limits bullying. An infinitive is a verb that starts with "to." You use an infinitive to start you topic sentence. This will make your sentence clear and direct. Use this strategy for writing assignments that explain directions, share a process, or give instructions. Infinitives in Topic Sentences What are they?
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