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online portfolio and resume

kaitlyn zimmerman

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of e-portfolio

The Teacher Kaitlyn Zimmerman About me... I have wanted to be from the age of 4 until the age of 14 when art started to play a bigger role in my life. Throughout high school I wanted to be an architect, a part time Radio City Rockette, and finally a graphic designer, which is what I put on my college applications. Why a teacher then? During the spring of my senior year I was the captain of my track team, but over the winter I had fractured my sternum. Because I was unable to participate, and because of budget cuts, the autistic boy on our team, Eric, was not able to do much at practices. I volunteered to work with him and be that coach and it eventually led to an unforgettable relationship. Eric's impact... Working with Eric gave me a whole new perspective on my life. He made me appreciate the small conversations and the little bit of time that we did spend with each other. He also made me realize how much I love to help others and that working and teaching others is how I want to spend the rest of my life. About Me... Education: Experience: Accomplishments: My Resume Who am I... I am currently studying Elementry Education at Endicott College in Beverly MA. I am scheduled to graduate in May 2015. Obtain a full-time Public School Teaching job in Kindergarten to Third Grade. Objective: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Teacher Licensure Program expected May 2015
Endicott College, Beverly, MA Diploma, Pentucket High School, June 2011
West Newbury, Massachusetts Endicott’s Presidential Scholarship
Pentucket’s Athletic Association Scholarship
Atkinson Memorial Scholarship
Pentucket’s Community Service Scholarship
Principals Choice Award
2 year winner of Market Basket’s Student Scholarship
3 time winner Pentucket Girls Indoor Track Sportsmanship Award
Kappa Delta Pi invitation
Gillette Stadium Sportsmanship Summit’s essay contest winner "It is vital that when we educate our children’s brains we do not
neglect to educate their hearts by nurturing their compassionate nature." How I think... "Children are the best side of humanity" -Carlina Rinaldi -Dalai Lama "Creativity is a characteristic given
to all human beings at birth." -Abraham Maslow Pennies, Nickles, and
Dimes, Oh My! Can You Clap Along? Welcome to the Second Grade...
a look into "my" classroom Inside the Classroom... Instructional Goals/Behavioral Objectives/Learning outcomes for students: Students will be able to comprehend word problems and be able to solve them with actual coins. Students will read and solve money based word problems, and then understand that the sum can be represented various ways with various coins. Procedures: Prepare cups with different amounts of pennies, nickels, and dimes prior to class
Have children each get a cup of coins while you set up the smart board and pass out iclickers
Teach the lesson, ask for volunteers
Hand out plain piece of paper for assessment Assessment: During the PowerPoint the students will use iclickers when they are done solving it so I can determine how long it is taking students to complete the math work. After, with a partner, provide each other with a number that they each need to draw pictures of the coins that can be used to represent that number. If Kate buys the fruit, how much money will she have left?
How can you show this amount? If Kate has 7 pennies, 2 nickels, and 1 dime how much money does she have?
Will she have enough to buy her fruit? Tom has a jar of coins that he has been saving all week. He has 32 cents. How can we show 32 cents? Math Story #2 If Jenny has 24 cents and buys the candy bar for 8 cents how much money does she have left? Jenny found a candy bar that was 8 cents. Does she have enough money to buy that candy bar? One day Jenny went to the store to buy a candy bar. Her mom gave her 4 pennies, 2 nickels, and 1 dime. How much money did she have? Math Story #1 How much is a dime worth?

How much is ten pennies worth?

How much is five pennies, and nickel worth? How much is a penny worth? Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes,
Oh My! Working with Money
PowerPoint Kate wants to buy 2 apples and 1 banana from the market. Apples cost 5 cents and bananas cost 10 cents. How much will the fruit cost? Math Story #3
How much is a nickel worth?

How much is five pennies worth? Students will Understand that words can be broken into syllables. Students will be able to decode two syllable words using an online game. Instructional Goals/Behavioral Objectives/Learning outcomes for students: Procedures: Explain what a syllable is.
Have the class break their names into syllables by clapping out the sounds
Break the class into two groups. Have the children take turns alternating from each team solve the problem on the board, dragging the bar to split the word. They can have their teammates help them. Assessment: After the game is over, I will have the children complete a worksheet in which they have words that are printed in bubble font. They will color in each syllable a different color. The students will use the information they learn about communities and apply it to our classroom
They will understand the importance of following rules and working together to resolve conflicts

Los estudiantes usarán la información aprenden sobre las comunidades y aplicarlo a nuestro salón de clases
Entiendan la importancia de las reglas siguientes y trabajar juntos para resolver conflictos Society in the classroom..

Sociedad en el aula.. The overall goal of the second grade is to continue the students understanding of previously taught concepts and introduce new and more complex ideas, as well as to strengthen the aspects of their social experience.

El objetivo general de segundo grado es continuar los estudiantes comprensión de los conceptos anteriormente enseñadas e introducir ideas nuevas y más complejas, así como fortalecer los aspectos de su experiencia social. The Big Picture As second graders, the students will observe the natural world to make predictions and observations

Como estudiantes de segundo grado, los estudiantes observarán el mundo natural para hacer predicciones y observaciones Science Ms. Zimmerman’s Second Grade Class 2012

Clase de Sra. Zimmerman de segundo grado 2012 Welcome to Second Grade!

Bienvenidos a segundo grado! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at kzimm226@mail.endicott.edu or call me at 978.979.6384.

Thank you for reviewing this and I look forward to meeting you throughout the year. Welcome to second grade!

Si usted tiene cualquier pregunta por favor no dude en enviarme por correo electrónico a kzimm226@mail.endicott.edu o me llame al 978.979.6384.

Thank you for reviewing this and I look forward to meeting you throughout the year. Welcome to second grade! Contact Information Coal

Auga What are natural resources? How do we use them?
Cuáles son los recursos naturales? Cómo los utilizamos? Juegos de ordenador, como el siguiente, ayudará a los niños a ver patrones con la cuenta más y más altos Computer games, such as the one below, will help the children see patterns with counting higher and higher Even though most children still can’t count to very large numbers, they will still be working with large numbers.

A pesar de que la mayoría de los niños todavía no puede contar hasta números muy grandes, todavía estará trabajando con números grandes. Math.. The math that your second grader will do will be more complex then that they learned in first grade.

Las matemáticas que hará su segundo grado será más compleja luego que aprendieron en primer grado. 123’s Ejemplos de lectura nivelada que trabaje con su hijo... Examples of leveled reading that your child will work with.. As your child continues to develop their reading and writing skills, I will work with them to accurately asses each student individually to make sure they are on track and improving throughout the year.

Como su hijo continúa desarrollando su lectura y la escritura, voy a trabajar con ellos para evaluar con precisión cada estudiante individualmente para asegurarse de que están en la pista y mejorando durante todo el año. ABC’s The Seasons (yearly changes)
Fossil records (change over time)

Las estaciones (cambios anuales)
Registro fósil (cambio en el tiempo) How does the Earth change overtime?

Horas extras el cambio de la tierra? Veces tablas ayuda los alumnos aprenderán hechos que vendrán a través de frecuentemente durante las clases de matemáticas más avanzadas en su futuro Times tables will help the students learn fast facts that will come across frequently during more advanced math classes in their future. I will also be introducing the “times table” up to the students up to the number 5.

Yo también presentará la "tabla de tiempos" hasta los estudiantes hasta el número 5. Times table Students will be given instruction on how to properly form cursive letters Writing Los estudiantes recibirán instrucción sobre cómo formar correctamente las letras cursivas As students have more practice writing longer and more structured sentences, handwriting will also be a focus in the class. Students will naturally have smaller and neater handwriting, and as a class the instruction of cursive writing will be taught and encouraged

Como los alumnos tienen más práctica escribir oraciones más largas y más estructurados, escritura a mano será también un enfoque en la clase. Los estudiantes tendrán naturalmente escritura más pequeño y más ordenado, y como una clase se enseñó y animó a la instrucción de escritura cursiva pero entiendo lo que estoy leyendo? me suena tan fluido! No matter what level your child is at, fluent reading is key to developing an understanding of the text and the books they read

No importa qué nivel el niño está en, fluidez de lectura es clave para desarrollar una comprensión del texto y los libros que leen Fluency This year, the goal for reading is fluency

Este año, la meta para lectura es fluidez

Also, at this age, story writing is a focus of our literacy time

Además, a esta edad, escritura de la historia es un foco de nuestro tiempo de alfabetización The Next Step… Fluency leading to story writing

Como los estudiantes se convierten en lectores más fluidos, aprenden que se pueden poner historias dicen palabras para que otros puedan leer. Ellos aprenderán que pueden contar sus propias historias, así como la fantasía y hacer creer historias para la lectura de placer traditions people food CULTURE Social Studies language Your children will learn what makes up different cultures and communities
They will compare and contrast different regions

Sus hijos aprenderán lo que conforman las diferentes culturas y comunidades
Se comparan y contrastan diferentes regiones What will they do with numbers? Skip counting
Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers
Understand the meaning of multiplication and division

Skip contando
Sumar y restar números de 2 dígitos
Entender el significado de la multiplicación y división As the students become more fluent readers, they learn that stories they tell can be put to words for others to read. They will learn that they can tell their own stories as well as fantasy and make believe stories for pleasure reading Cuando los alumnos comienzan a escribir historias, se les dará plantillas como la uno a la derecha para ayudarles a estructurar oraciones con el uso de nuevas palabras. Los niños a menudo comienzan a mayoría de las sentencias el mismo o no tienen una línea argumental. Plantillas de ofrecen la libertad para ser creativos pero también enseñarles la estructura de una historia. As the students begin to write stories, they will be given templates like the one to the right to help them structure sentences with the use of new words. Children often begin most sentences the same or don’t have a story line. Templates offer them the freedom to be creative but also teach them the structure of a story. STOP!
Don’t worry! It wont be this complex! ÷ 4 = X2= Activities at School: Endicott College Cheer Squad, 2011
Endicott College Education Club, 2011 to present
Relay for Life Committee Member, 2011 to present
REACH, 2012 to present
LIGHThouse society member, 2012 to present
Kappa Delta Pi member, 2013 to present
Love Letters, Random Acts of Kindness President, 2011 to present Cards made at Love Letters for Terminally Ill Children Contact Information: Email: kzimmzimm@comcast.net Phone Number: 978.979.6384 Address: Endicott College
376 Hale St.
Beverly Ma 01915 Tutoring Coaching Everyday Baby sitting Peer Mentor Student Teaching "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin Student Teaching, Senior Year 2011
Pentucket High School, West Newbury, Ma
•Co-taught a freshman algebra class Peer Mentor, Senior Year, 2011
I met with Freshman once a week to help them throughout the year Student Teacher Internship, Winter Intermission 2012
Dr. John C. Elementary School, West Newbury, Ma
•Worked in Bridget Murrays first grade class room, full time for three weeks Student Teacher Internship, Winter Intermission 2013
Penn Brook Elementary School, Georgetown, Ma
•Worked in Elizabeth Harrington's third grade class room, full time for three weeks Senior Year, 2011 Freshman Year 2012 Sophomore Year 2012 Sophomore Year 2013 Sophomore Year 2013 Worked at Centerville Elementary school during a 5th grade reading block, once a week for a semester Worked at Centerville Elementary school during a 2nd grade reading block, once a week for a semester "A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child." -- Forest Witcraft Baby Sitting, 12 years old to present
Groveland, Georgetown, Beverly
•Red Crossed Certified
•CPR Certified Pentucket Youth Football Cheerleading, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade
•Coached the PYF cheer leaders Pentucket Tack and Field, 12th grade
coached an autistic student for the spring season Endicott College, Freshman year 2012
I Tutored for nature of the universe (for education majors) Summer of 2013
I will be tutoring two students in math and reading Each day I attend classes, I study, I do homework, and I take in the daily experiences around me. Listening to peers in classes, speakers that visit our schools, and the teachers themselves is experience I gain through observation. Drawing: 7 years old drawing: 17 years old This is Maddy, age 3. I can't wait to see where she is 10 years from now. "We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction." -- Malcom Gladwel "The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all." - Leo Rosten "Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." David McCullough "Learning is finding out what we already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, and teachers." -- Richard Bach Let the inner child shine in us all... No matter what the candles on the cake say... "Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three." --Confucius
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