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Copy of Marvel vs. D.C. - Origins of a Rivalry

No description

Pritsie Feby

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Marvel vs. D.C. - Origins of a Rivalry

Matrix •Hired well-known
artists and writers Strengths •Took for granted not well-known characters Weaknesses •Existence of collector market Opportunities Threats •Large number of competitors employ in toy industry Key Internal
External Strategic Factors
COURSES OF ACTION 3.It will increase the enthusiast of those buyers in the collectors market to buy these new characters because this will add up to their collections. Marvel Enterprises Inc. Group V •Offer unique and low-cost products •Brought characters into life •Revived line-up of its superheroes •Obtained new product
ideas from third party •Unprofitable movies •Limited market segmentation •Manufacturing toys with short life cycles •Product innovation •High product patronization •Some loyal retail store •Short product fascination by customers •Strong industry competitors SO Strategies
1.Add new Marvel characters such as an All-Girl group heroes
(S4, O2) 2.Increase number of exclusive retail stores in China, Russia and England (S1, O2, O3) WO Strategies 1.Introduce new Marvel toys for girls (W2, O2, O3, O4) ST Strategies 1.Put up a TV Channel exclusive for Marvel Characters.
(S1, S2, S4, T2) 2.Increase product shelf space by advertising and by offering the buyer a lower bargain-price than competitors (S1, T1)

1.Benchmark with the strongest rival in all three divisions (Comic Book, Publishing, Licensing) (W1, W4, T1, T2) WT Strategies A.Introduce new Marvel toys to girls and
add Marvel characters like All-Girl group heroes. Advantages Disadvantages 3.The toys vend to boys might put behind and later disregard. 1.It will increase the number of buyers most especially the girls. 2.Customer satisfaction will increase. 4.A new taste of preference to customers. 1.The target segment becomes structurally unattractive. 2.There is a tendency that demand of toys for girls will be higher than boys. 3.People may lose their interest because of repetitive TV programs. Advantages Disadvantages B.Put up a TV Channel exclusive for Marvel Characters. 1.Easy for the avid Marvel fans to be updated to their most-watched characters. 2.Encourage non-Marvel viewers to watch, buy and patronize Marvel products. 3.It is much convenient to advertise Marvel products in the TV channel. 4.More job opportunities for people in this field. (e.g. animator, director, producer) 5.Encourage investors to invest in the company. 1.Large amount of funds is needed to raise the TV channel. 2.There will be limited viewers because those who have cable can only access to the channel. C.Increase product shelf space by advertising and by offering the buyer a lower bargain-price yet higher quality standards than competitors. Advantages 1.Retail stores will be providing a lot more shelf space to Marvel products to the customers that will be establish through advertising. 2.Stores would grab the lower offered price of Marvel thus it will result into the Enterprise having a shelf space in the stores. 3.Easy access for the buyers due to the increase of product shelf space. 4.Customers will choose to buy lower offered price of Marvel. Disadvantages 1.Advertising may not be catchy. 2.Need a lot of money to advertise the product. 3.Offering a lower bargain price can affect the profit of the company. We recommend putting up a TV Channel exclusive for Marvel Characters. The goal consistency, organizational capability and political feasibility of putting TV Channel are very satisfactory while the strategic relevance and financial feasibility are satisfactory. This alternative will bring the characters into life and will revive the line-up of Marvel’s superheroes. Also, the unknown characters will be given attention and importance. Through this alternative, toys with short life cycle will become more popular to the public by the help of advertising the said product. Recommended Strategy 4. Recruitment,
retooling and
routing of
managers and staff Programs Timetable Person
Responsible Budget 1. Registration
and licensing 3 – 6 mos. Operation/
Production Dept. xxx xxx 2. Location analysis
and selection 10 – 12 mos. Research and
Development Dept. xxx 10 – 12 mos. Operation/
Production Dept. xxx 6 – 8 mos. Human
Resource Dept. xxx 5. Programming
schedule 2– 4 mos. Information
System Dept. 3. Equipment selection
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