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Managing your health at work

No description

Billy Marsden

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Managing your health at work

what did we find? you are about to watch a 20 minute documentary.

this is an inside look into working at a head coach.

fill out the work sheet as you
watch the documentary within this video it is your task
to identify and Explain Health Requirement within one of the many jobs you will see in this video.

jobs you may find:

coach, player,fitness coach, team promoter, teacher. Level 1 Diploma in Sport
and Active Leisure
Managing Your Health at Work
Unit 8 To get you thinking! This is a local London Basketball team! L.O:

Identify different areas of work.

Explain three different health requirements for your chosen area of work.

Describe health risks for a chosen area of work.

10 for 10 10 health risks within each Job Name 10 jobs
& YOU HAVE 10 MINS Areas of work! in your group mind map the different types
of areas of work that you can think of.......... Office-based Service industry hospitals care homes schools childcare outdoor construction logistics retail public services police fire man sports and leisure
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