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teaching subtraction

No description

Amy Wethington

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of teaching subtraction

Teaching Subtraction Lesson Plans One Digit by One Digit Subtraction Activities One Digit by One Digit Subtraction Lesson Plans [k-2nd] Two Digit by One Digit Subtraction Two Digit by One Digit Subtraction Activities Lesson Plans Two Digit by Two Digit Two Digit by Two Digit Subtraction Activities 1st Grade TEKS Kindergarten (3) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical
process standards to develop an understanding of addition and
subtraction situations in order to solve problems. The student is
expected to:

(A) model the action of joining to represent addition and the
action of separating to represent subtraction;

(B) solve word problems using objects and drawings to find
sums up to 10 and differences within 10; and

(C) explain the strategies used to solve problems involving
adding and subtracting within 10 using spoken words, concrete
and pictorial models, and number sentences. (3) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical
process standards to develop and use strategies for whole
number addition and subtraction computations in order to
solve problems. The student is expected to:

(B) use objects and pictorial models to solve word problems
involving joining, separating, and comparing sets within 20 and
unknowns as any one of the terms in the problem such as
2 + 4 = [ ]; 3 + [ ] = 7; and 5 = [ ] - 3;

(D) apply basic fact strategies to add and subtract within 20,
including making 10 and decomposing a number leading to a 10;

(E) explain strategies used to solve addition and subtraction
problems up to 20 using spoken words, objects, pictorial models,
and number sentences; and

(F) generate and solve problem situations when given a number
sentence involving addition or subtraction of numbers within 20. (4) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical
process standards to develop and use strategies and methods for
whole number computations in order to solve addition and
subtraction problems with efficiency and accuracy. The student
is expected to:

(A) recall basic facts to add and subtract within 20 with automaticity;

(B) add up to four two-digit numbers and subtract two-digit numbers
using mental strategies and algorithms based on knowledge of place
value and properties of operations;

(C) solve one-step and multi-step word problems involving addition
and subtraction within 1,000 using a variety of strategies based on
place value, including algorithms; and

(D) generate and solve problem situations for a given mathematical
number sentence involving addition and subtraction of whole
numbers within 1,000. Second Grade TEKS TEKS lesson plan
This is a lesson plan designed for kindergarteners over one by one digit subtraction. In this lesson, students are learning subtraction by acting out the words to a song. The song is called “Monkeys and the Alligator.” Along with singing the song, the teacher also has monkey puppets and an alligator puppet. This is a fun and creative way for young children to learn their subtraction facts.

Lesson plan
This site is a great resource for teachers and parents. It offers many activities for kindergarten children that are learning subtraction. They have even given links to the print outs that go along with the activities.. At the bottom, there are descriptions of each activity and what the students and teacher are to do. It also gives links to books that will help with these activities. Best of all, it gives assessment ideas and curriculum extensions, adaptations, and integration.

Lesson plan
This is a kindergarten lesson plan that involves different types of centers that will provide experience and exposure to the connecting and symbolic levels of subtraction. There are five different stations around the room that
provide students with different manipulatives and ways to subtract. It provides you with the handouts you will need, additional resources , background for teachers, intended learning outcomes, a description of each center and what the students will be doing, extensions to the curriculum, and an assessment plan

Lesson Plan
This lesson plan is a simple lesson for one digit by one digit subtraction. There is a worksheet provided that can be used to assess or just for practice. http://kindergartenlessonplans.org/2137/colorful-butterflies-math-literacy-center/
This is a kindergarten activity that involves them making a butterfly and writing basic one digit subtraction facts on it.

Flower garden subtraction stories for kindergarten.

This site is a one by one digit subtraction quiz.

This is a site for parents and teachers where you can create one digit by one digit subtraction worksheets. You get to choose the problems, the number of problems on the worksheet, the language for the worksheet, and a message that will appear at the bottom of the worksheet. You may also choose to have an answer sheet that goes with it. http://www.athens.edu/vinsobm/lesson_22.htm
This lesson plan is for second graders.
It reviews one digit subtraction and then starts to go over two digit subtraction. I love that this lesson plan is in depth and shows exactly what the teacher will be doing, as well as the students. http://www.numbernut.com/basic/activities/sub_quiz_2borrow-v.shtml
This is a great quiz that helps students subtract two digits by one digit. When you choose your answer, it tells you if you are right and works out the problem for you. Great for visual learners. http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-2/subtract-two-digits
This is an activity that gives you a two digit by two digit subtraction problem and tells you if your answer is right or wrong. This is great for a computer station game. http://www.coolmath4kids.com/subtraction/06-subtraction-lesson-two-digit-numbers-01.html
This is a website that focuses on subtracting two digit numbers with regrouping. It gives a problem and goes step by step with very descriptive instructions as to how to solve the problem. http://www.nsa.gov/academia/_files/collected_learning/elementary/arithmetic/two-digit_subtraction.pdf
This is a second grade lesson plan on two digit subtraction with and without regrouping. This is an in depth lesson plan that gives you worksheets and step by step instructions. It is a three day lesson plan and is great for teaching two digit by two digits subtraction. http://www.ehow.com/how_2301094_teach-two-digit-subtraction-first.html
This site is mainly for parents. It is a how to on how to teach your child two by two digit subtraction. http://www.athens.edu/vinsobm/lesson_4.html
This is a second grade lesson plan that focuses on two digit subtraction with regrouping. http://www.helpingwithmath.com/printables/worksheets/wor0301subtraction05.htm
This site offers a worksheet that has two digits by one digit subtraction. This is a great way for students to practice at home or a great worksheet to have as a warm-up.

This site offers tons of subtraction games for several different grade levels. http://www.athens.edu/vinsobm/lesson_22.htm
Mainly 2nd grade. In this lesson the teacher begins by reading a book about subtraction and then reviewing subtraction on the board. Then students will be given a bingo board. The teacher will call out a problem and the students have to solve it and see if they have that answer on their board. The lesson will end with students working in problems in pairs and checking each others work. http://www.theteachersguide.com/lessonplans/Math/ATH0024.html
This lesson plan involves teaching a rhyme that helps students learn about regrouping and knowing the proper time to use regrouping.

This lesson involves the students working in groups and going around to stations. Each station will have a different problem to work out. The students have to work the problem and then draw a picture that could represent that problem.

This lesson has students learn subtraction from 10. They will sing a song (Ten Monkeys Jumping on the Bed) and then use technology to solve problems.

Students use subtraction to learn about bar graphs. Manipulatives http://mason.gmu.edu/~mmankus/whole/base10/asmdb10.htm#sub
Base ten block manipulatives.

This site has a whole library of different virtual manipulatives.

This site has easily accessible virtual manipulatives.

This site has fun manipulatives for Kindergarten. Parent Resources Websites Books http://www.pbs.org/parents/cyberchase/
This site has activities that parents can do with their child, shows to watch, and books to read. http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/
Interactive website with activities, lessons, and tools. "The Action of Subtraction" By: Brian P. Cleary

"Subtraction Action" By Loreen Leedy

"Grade 2 Subtraction" By: Kumon Publishing

"The Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book" By: Jerry Pallotta http://www.linkslearning.org/
A website for ESL parents.
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