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Reserving Space at University of South Alabama

If you are a faculty member, staff member, or student at the University of South Alabama, and you are planning an event for your department or club, this presentation will show you the ropes!

Melva Jones

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Reserving Space at University of South Alabama

Reserving Space


Make Space
Request in Virtual EMS

Less than 4 Business Days
2 Weeks
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Prior Planning is Key
As Early as Possible
Space is not always available.
Be sure to have submitted requests for equipment and resources if they are available in your requested space
Earlier is always better.
No cancellations or new space requests are allowed in Virtual EMS.
New space requests and cancellations are at the discretion of the department or administrator that approves the space you are requesting

Last chance to request rooms in EMS.
Confirm final AV & furniture setup details.
4 Business
Days Out
Virtual EMS
Office of Special Events

USA Student Center
Mitchell Center
Requests for
space are
automatically approved.
Virtual EMS
Log In
Use your USA J number
and password.
Click the
green +
to select a room.
first, establish a...
next, use Virtual EMS
to make requests
Having trouble?
Call us.
We can help.
Now That You
are Trained...
take this quiz

to have your user
name activated.
at least
at least
Setup Type
EMS will find rooms that
meet your criteria.
Now you can make changes online!
Click an event name to edit.

Up until 4 business days prior to your event for room-related information and 2 business days for services and equipment
You can make as many changes as you need.
Virtual EMS address:

Bookmark this site.
Add a new service:
Existing Service:
Need multiple rooms?
Click multiple
green +
Edit Date, Time or Location
The power to submit space requests is now right at your fingertips!
Virtual EMS is South Alabama's new tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently submit space requests through an on-line portal for approval
If your event is large in scope and scale or needs one of the premiere venues on campus, you'll need to involve the Office of Special Events or work directly with the staff at the Mitchell Center or Student Center. They are experts in event planning and a great resource on your campus

Continue to work with Aramark on all arrangements for delicious catering to make your event a success!

Indicate in Virtual EMS that you'll need catering to fast-track your collaboration with professional catering staff
Student group? Consider adding a second contact
Enter Event name and Event type - be sure that you are listed as the contact

Answer questions to publish your event to the calendar, request musicians or indicate catering needs

request services and equipment!
Click View My Requests
click on a request to edit
click the pencil to edit date, time or location
or click the
green +
to a edit services
update quantity

update notes

*Please note account activation may take 24-48 hours.
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